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Monday, March 31, 2008

BEAUTIFUL!: WRONG AGAIN! by Rabbi "A" ( who is Rabbi A? I hope it is not Rav Aviner, is it?)


WRONG AGAIN! by Rabbi "A"

forwarded by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

People make a big mistake. They think that the evacuation from Gaza was in order to advance the "peace process" - and that the Jewish settlers in Gush Katif/Gaza just happened to get hurt in the process. Wrong. The purpose of the Gush Katif/Gaza evacuation was to hurt the settlers - and the "peace process" was just an excuse.

People think that putative attempts by the world, abetted by Quisling-style Israeli government to make Judea and Samaria "Judenrein" (Jew-free), is in order to advance the "peace process". Wrong again. Their goal is to make Judea, Samaria (and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) "Judenrein". The "peace process" is just a flimsy excuse.

We have all been imagining that the "peace process" was real. Yet, we couldn't understand how any moderately rational individual would be so stupid, or so delusional, to imagine that anybody at all on the Muslim-Arab/Palestinian side wanted to make peace. The insanity of it all was driving people to literally "pull their hair out" in frustration.

You see, they really weren't all that dumb, or locked up in their own fantasy world. They all know that this so-called "peace process" has absolutely no chance whatsoever. They know that it will leave what is left of Israel in a vulnerable position. That is exactly what they want! Ever hear the expression: "Crazy like a fox"?

What did you think, that anti-Semitism had disappeared? They want to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish Land because we carry the G-d given message of morality to the world. They don't want to be moral.

So what should we do? Taking on the whole world is not an easy thing. We see how the nations of the world failed to stop the Holocaust - some even assisted. They didn't even let fleeing refugees in. We've tried rallies and reason - they didn't seem to have much of an effect.

There is one hope. It takes a bit of effort. If we simply return to following G-d, completely - He has offered to do miracles for us. Or we can keep trying to do things "our" way.

Most of the world will actually be destroyed or damaged - largely for the sin of collaborating to harm G-d's Chosen People and for trying to silence G-d's messengers.


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