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Friday, March 28, 2008

Re: Gun Control ( in Israel)

SHmuel said:

Gun "permits" are deadly control tools adopted by the unJews to set up Jewish targets.

Under the conditions of abandonment of the state citizens by the GoI plainly seen here, it is the obligation of the victims to find ways to go around that intentional endangerment. Otherwise the people must get ready to be murdered as sitting ducks.

DS added:

And of course you saw how just now the Gol decided to stop funding stone-proof windows on cars. This is an EXPENSIVE and ESSENTIAL item. I had mine replaced last year. They have to be replaced about every 3 years, because they are made of plastic and they get dull after a while, and then you stop being able to see through them, which is obviously hazardous on the road. So it is a necessity, not a luxury: without this stone proofing, every stone thrown on a car can result in severe injuries, be they from glass shards, cuts, blindness, head injuries from the rock itself, and of course, loss of control of the vehicle.

To withhold this from residents of Yesha is clearly criminal and shows evil intent.

Until now the government paid . Rich people will continue to do so no matter what, because it is a life-saver; but most people in Yesha are not rich, quite to the contrary.

This is clearly a deliberate attempt to kill settlers, all the while arming the arabs to the teeth.

 Incidentally, the driver quoted below is being way too generous with the government, accusing them of  ""deliberately failing to protect drivers in hopes that Jewish residents... WOULD LEAVE ( Yesha) BY CHOICE": I think the intent is a lot more sinister than that ( hint: Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, with no guard present, no police action to stop the massacre).

Govt. Stops Funding Protection for Yesha Drivers

20 Adar Bet 5768, 27 March 08 11:48

( The government has stopped providing financial assistance for Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria who wish to protect their vehicles from rock and Molotov cocktail attacks, residents reported Thursday.  Several residents who planned to purchase or repair special reinforced windows on their vehicles in recent days were surprised to discover that they were expected to cover the entire cost of the repair work.

A repairman from Jerusalem said he had asked the Defense Ministry if he could forward his customers the government's share of the funding with the knowledge that he would be reimbursed.  Officials refused his offer, he said, and said they could not promise that the funding would ever arrive.

Residents pointed out that the apparent change in policy came as terrorist groups in Judea and Samaria were increasing the number of attacks on Israeli drivers in the area.  One driver accused the government of deliberately failing to protect Jewish drivers in hopes that Jewish residents would begin to leave Judea and Samaria by choice.

 Original message:
Agreed. They are denying me a gun permit too! In Kiryat Arba.


Shmuel wrote: 

Our Platform includes changes to Basic Law here to include a version of the 2nd Amendment.
Presently in israel no regular Jewish Citizen can get a "gun permit", in fact the only arms
dealer in Karmiel is... an Arab under state license.
The person in Akko in the Ministry of Interior Office in charge of gun permits is... a Moslem.
The kibbutzim have huge armories and ammo depots as they are part of the folk the embedded
cadres rely on.
Another sector armed to their teeth are the Moslem villages.
They perform nightly rifle and machine gun training reported as "wedding celebrations" but
known by everyone for what those things really are.
Only a stern citizens assumption of self defense will somehow reverse the disaster caused by
traitors here.

Carl said:

Re:  The New Guardians of Israel.
This was the idea behind the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution, in allowing the people to bear arms.  The idea is a Militia of the people in case the government should turn against its citizens, failing in its function as a government by the people and for the people.

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