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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fwd: For what it's worth

This was forwarded to me by C2 , second hand from Eric Phelps.. Apparently this Tom is a pretty serious guy. Warning for you Jews - and other non-Catholics living in the US.

For what it's worth, I hope Leo doesn't wait too long to disclose the information that he eluded to near the end of the show tonight. There's not enough time for suspense.
The Pope is coming in a few short weeks. I believe that his visit is going to mark a dramatic turning point in this country. I know that gut hunches don't impress Investigative Journalists like yourself. But Popes don't visit nations just to be social.
We are on the verge of total economic collapse. We are engaged in an illegal Papal Proxy war in Iraq based on fraudulent and immoral bases. Our rights have been taken away and replaced with Roman Catholic Canon Law. The Catholic majority Supreme Court is currently determining the intent of the second amendment, and their answer is expected in early May. Our borders have been thrown open to French Catholic Canada and Spanish Catholic Mexico. The Catholic Canadian military forces have agreed to assist American forces in any civil crisis in this country. We are poised to initiate yet another Papal Proxy war with Shia Iran on equally false and immoral pretenses. More and more people are beginning to realize that 9-11 was an inside job. We have an oath spitting Papist in the White House who acts like a Papal king and poses as a Protestant. And the Pope is coming for a visit.
You don't need me to do the math for you. After B16's visit, I expect all hell to break loose in this country. B16's visit to this country has special spiritual power and meaning to those who serve him. B16's visit is nothing less than his last minute review of his troops before the final battle to take this country commences. B16's visit will exponentially embolden the hearts and strengthen the resolve of all his loyalists. America is about to completely shed all pretense of peaceful coexistence and religious liberty. I've said repeatedly on your program that the New World Order is already in place and functioning, and all they have left to do is hang the official New World Order sign on the door. B16 is simply coming to give the OK to hang that sign on the door and dispense with all the fony pretenses. 
When Rome is in the minority, she's as meek as a lamb. When she's in equality, she's as sly as a fox. But when she's in the majority, she's roars like LION. Get ready for the lion to roar!
All hell is about to break loose in this country!
Please tell Leo that if he's got anything to say, he best be saying it quickly.

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