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Sunday, March 30, 2008

READ FROM A TO Z ; as usual, excellent piece, well written, great summary: HOW MANY DIRTY TRICKS CAN OLMERT PULL BEFORE HE IS DE-THRONED?


by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

How many dirty tricks can the Olmert Kadima Party pull just before they are ejected from office? Naturally, they will rely upon the exceptionally biased Israeli Supreme Court to use twisted legalisms to justify the last Leftist push to de-Judaize the Jewish nation through re-partition.

The Eliyahu Winograd Commission fiasco was only a small indicator of how far the corrupt Olmert government would go to save themselves.

What will Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his unbelievably corrupt supporters attempt to do before they leave (are forced out of?) office, hopefully never to gain any office in the future?

What then are they already doing to advance these goals?

In no specific order of sequence...:

1. The discussions of 'dividing Jerusalem" is on-going with the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice deeply involved. Olmert denies but, uses Israel's treasury money to bribe the Sephardic religious Shas Party to stay in his government and thus enable him to continue his political "dirty tricks".

2. Olmert tried to break the terms of the Camp David Agreement stipulating that no Egyptian soldier should remain in the Sinai Desert by simply dictating an offer to Mubarak to bring armed troops to the border. These troops were supposed to stop the arms smuggling into Gaza for the irredentist Terrorist organization of Hamas and restrict entrance of Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists. Instead the Egyptians acted as "arms transfer agents" and further assisted arms, explosives and more Arab Muslim Terrorists to be transferred into Hamas-held Gaza. Egypt also recently released some of the most vicious and accomplished Muslim Arab Terrorists captured when Hamas broke through the concrete border fence between Gaza and Egypt which was abandoned by Israel, courtesy of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert.

3. Olmert, in collusion with his Defense Minister Ehud Barak agreed to allow 600 Arab Muslim Palestinian Police, trained in Jordan by American and Jordanians to police the Terrorist city of Jenin - previously given over by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres to Yassir Arafat's PLO under the Olso Accords. Since most PA Police are also Terrorists, Israeli anti-Terror units will be under a double threat in Jenin and the other six "Oslo" cities.

4. Note: A military squeeze has been ordered by Olmert and Rice to restrain the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). To the South, in addition to the virulent Hamas with its Kassam Rockets increasing in range and accuracy, Olmert draws in armed Egyptian forces (abrogating the Camp David Accords forbidding armed Egyptians in Sinai). To the East in the Oslo controlled 7 cities, Olmert and Barak bring in Muslim Arab Palestinian armed forces. To the North, Hezb'Allah has restocked to at least 40,000 Missiles. And Syria has brought 3 armed brigades to their border with Lebanon. Ben Eliezer speaking for Olmert, floated the idea of negotiating the Golan surrender with Syria's Bashar Assad.

Surely, Olmert and his entire support mechanism should be brought up on charges equal to a Court-Martial, accompanied by a sentence of capital punishment if found guilty of treason and assisting Israel's enemies in time of war.

Olmert wants to Gaza-ize Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. He has said he wants to evict 250,000 to 500,000 Jewish men, women and children from their homes and import what could amount to 3-5 million Muslim Arab Palestinians who would be ejected from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq plus accepting those settled in Europe and America - at the orders of Abbas and Rice.

Olmert, at the behest of Rice, has kept the Israeli Army in a submissive position of restraint. They many not seriously attack the Arab Muslim Palestinians in Gaza who are firing daily salvos of Rockets and missiles on Sderot, Ashkelon and kibbutzim within range. Those Rockets and Missiles are being upgraded to greater range, accuracy and lethality. Here again Olmert and his gang must be tried for crimes against the Jewish people in Israel by refusing to protect her citizens.

This negligence has its affect in foreign countries as well, as aggressive anti-Semites feel free to enact their hostility because Israel doesn't pro-actively protect her Jews.

Olmert has elevated his war of intimidation against the Jewish people as he orders the Israeli Police to arrest, intimidate and brutalize protesters to his policies. The Police have been acting especially cruel and intimidating to Israeli youth. Young teen-age Jewish girls are arrested, beaten up, strip-searched, kept in filthy cells, deprived of food and water and held for long periods without normal privileges accorded to Arab Muslim adults.

When protests mount, finally they are released by equally corrupt judges saying there is no evidence to keep them longer. (Nor was there evidence to arrest them in the first place - as has been openly admitted.) This process of intimidation is well-planned and approved by Olmert and crew. Illegal imprisonment for non-crimes is always the mark of dictators and tyrants who rule by trying to sow fear among their people.

I have little doubt that Olmert will attempt to strip the settlers of their personal licensed weapons of self-defense when he tries to declare that he is driving out the Jews and turning homes, factories, farms built by Jews over to Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) so his Arab Muslim Palestinians can have what the Jews built.

Watch the three Leftist families who own Israel's Hebrew newspapers as they start to pour out disinformation as to how happy all will be in that great "Peace" to follow when the Muslim Arab Palestinians have Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and those parts of Jerusalem which Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Watch the Leftist Israeli Supreme Court issue new laws and rulings to stop Jews from building homes in their ancient homeland. It will all be "legal" - or as "legal" as the laws of Stalin, Hitler or the Arab countries. It has already begun.

Watch for another Police sweep of anyone who appears as a leader of protest to Olmert's policies. That will begin just prior to Olmert's government re-partition of the Jewish country through the "diktats" and by the demands of C. Rice - to give up Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and those parts of Jerusalem which Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Watch Olmert release many more convicted and jailed Arab Muslim Terrorists, especially Marwan Bargouti, now in prison for 5 life sentences on 5 counts of murder. Here we find the fingerprints of Rice, Bush and James Baker III, manipulating things so Bargouti can take the place of Mahmoud Abbas (who may be viewed as not strong or virulent enough to fight the Israelis. After all, Abbas is just a "suit".)

All investigations of Olmert's crookery will be soon dropped by the Police. Suddenly, the slate for Kadima crooks will be wiped clean for "insufficient evidence" or "disinterest on the part of the public".

Watch Olmert declare a pardon for all the crooks in his government, now under investigation. That will follow the example set by President George Herbert Walker Bush who issued a waiver (pre-pardon) for every member of his Cabinet who might have been doing business with Saddam Hussein before and up to the time of Saddam Hussein began his invasion of Kuwait July 29, 1990. (Saddam began to move his men toward Kuwait on July 29th, which was the date of the Jewish commemorative holiday of Tisha B'AV.)

Olmert has been transferring weapons and ammunition to the PA (Palestinian Authority) at the behest of Rice and Bush. He has also allowed the PA to receive 600 armored personnel carriers from Russia's Putin. (1) Olmert will try to give legitimacy to his action when (not if) Israelis are killed by those weapons - as happened before.

Watch for an Olmert agreement to allow foreign troops to enter Judea and Samaria as Peace-Keepers but, really to protect Muslim Arab Palestinians and drive the Jews out of their Land.

When Hezb'Allah, in coordination with Hamas, start to launch some or all of their 40,000 missile inventory, Olmert and his gang will, no doubt, disappear from view. The Israeli people know Olmert has done nothing to protect them. Even otherwise sane people can turn into a hanging mob when their family is dead because of the treachery of a government.

Olmert, Livni and Barak have been secretly (or not so secretly) talking to Syria about abandoning the Golan Heights while lying to the people, saying it is not discussing anything with Syrian officials.

Just before Olmert and his gang are thrown out of government, watch for a statement to the effect that, as the elected government, they officially abandon the Golan Height and order withdrawal of all IDF forces. This would leave the 20,000+ Golan Jewish residents at the mercy of Assad's Syrian troops. (Note! The Syrians have placed 3 of their Army Divisions on the alert at the border of Lebanon and are in combat positions.)

Recall that when Ehud Barak was Prime Minister in 2000, he wanted then to abandon the Heights and said that the feared for Israeli troops and civilians because Syria could so easily roll over them. He's doing it again! But, as long as Israel is up on the Golan and has line-of-sight views of Syria, their military can't move without Israel knowing in advance.

Barak was more wise once. On May 20, 1993 he spoke to an American Jewish Press Association press conference. When asked what was his strategic, military opinion as to what Lands liberated in 1967 needed to be kept for Israel's safety and sovereignty, he quoted the Secret Memorandum by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of June 29, 1967 signed by General Earle Wheeler. The 1967 Memorandum was made public by the Wall St. Journal in 1983. It stipulated that Israel must keep those areas of Judea and Samaria up to the peaks and down half the eastern side of the mountains, all the areas around Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Sharm el Sheik, al Arish and a section in the middle of the border along the Israeli - Sinai border. (That map is available if you request it and send your FAX number.)

I fear that Israeli civilians must die in large numbers before the IDF will put the government into "protective custody". Only after there are massive deaths and grievous injuries due to the Olmert Leftist policies will the people awaken. Is that really necessary? I fear that when they finally do awaken because the egregious weakness by the Olmert officials, they will be in a frame of mind of grief and rage. I believe then they will hunt down the participants who made them vulnerable and summarily execute them for all the family and friends they have needlessly lost.

So, what of consequence have we missed?

We know that Olmert has negotiated to betray the nation.

We know that the Courts of Israel are corrupt and politically biased.

We know that Olmert has been driven by Rice (and his own internal biases).

We know that Olmert is a crook, who is now protected by the Police.

We know that Olmert has bribed Shas and a Rabbi (whose "smicha" - Rabbinic ordination - must have been stripped away by G-d.)

We know that Olmert and Rice want to release Marwan Bargouti, from prison.

We know that Olmert wants to release hundreds more convicted Terrorists, who will return to their acts of Terror within days of their release.

We know that Olmert is colluding with Rice to give Bush an historical legacy - even if Israel must be sacrificed to die for it.

We know that Olmert and the Leftist Elite wish to de-Judaize Israel, with the division of Jerusalem, their denials notwithstanding.

Olmert, Livni and Barak exceed the expectations for politicians to lie because they are proven inveterate liars when it comes to abandoning the Jewish Land. Their lies cross all red lines, putting all of Israel in grave danger. Clearly, they and their supporters are a clear and present danger to the Jewish nation and must be removed from office immediately!

No doubt, there is much more - but, this is enough for now.


1. "Israel's Accountability Problem" by Caroline Glick Jerusalem Post Mar. 27, 2008

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