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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Shmuel wrote:

The precise nature of Mr. Katz's presentation deserves kudos. 
And the nature of the internal fracture of the Jewish and post Jewish camps is also indirectly highlighted there but allow me for a grains from my bag.
The "ishuv" or "bet siphrenu" group aligned with and assumed the British Foreign Services positions through Weitzman, *Ben-Gurion, Dayan, Rabin and the rest of the "acetone" gang.
The Communist Party, (Stalin's group), folk were also part of the fry and to a point Ben Gurion bridged between them all.
Peres, Burg and others were with the French escargot gangsters.
In time and out of personal objectives Peres, who still reports directly to the French/Vatican, as he did just a couple of weeks ago, moved to in a way coordinate with the "acetonides"...
NOTE: The so called "Zionist" kibbutz system is Kolhodist, anything but Zionist. Collective communism was never a Zionist ideal.
A smaller group, mainly military officers trained in the US academies adopted a State Department line which is not much different from that of the British.
Considering the vast resources available to the above gangs, there never was or is a JEWISH line allowed to take part on the structural formation of the state at all as even Begin succumbed to the Weitzman-Dayan forces. Sorry but that is the truth and Begin realized his terrible error as he decided to leave the scene.
The real ZIONIST SETTLEMENTS, are the Gush Emunim ones, parts of which were loosely associated with the original NRP. They were and remain the only JEWISH line here.
The Haredi folk is with whomever pays them best. A terrible stigma.
We must, therefore if we really intend to RECONSTRUCT the state into JEWISH Heritage lines do away with the local reps of either British, French or US campers. 
And there resides my position to completely disband the "system", nothing left including low level "pakidim" and elect a new GOVERNMENT SYSTEM and structures including JEWISH NATIONAL INTEREST linked people only if at all possible.
The courtiers here represent SOLELY the foreign groups be them US, French Vatican or British and even Russian now.
THEY MAY MASQUERADE in "religious" garb, but none of them if sane could possibly be.

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