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Monday, March 24, 2008




by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

If the Third Temple falls to our enemies, who among the Jewish people will be charged and brought to their final Justice? The list of probable culprits is long and well known to most:

I recall in John Loftus' book "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992" (1), he mentions a group named MAX who, after WW2, hunted down collaborators who assisted the Germans in killing Jews.

Will that happen again should the Third Temple Fall, with the assistance of Jewish collaborators? Coupled with that thought, we have been informed by G-d that our greatest enemies will come from within. With that out of the way, who might be charged with crimes of humanity against the Jewish people?

Many would offer the names of Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Tzippi Livni as lead suspects to be tried before a "Peoples' Court on Inquiry". As in the Nuremberg Tribunals, perhaps there were many others on a slightly lower ranking but, useful collaborators in weakening the nation so our dedicated enemies, supported by so-called friends with their own vested interests so they could more easily attempt to crush the Jews and the Jewish nation.

A mix of participants who should be brought in for questioning and judgement might include Dov Weisglass, the executive levels of the GSS (Shabak) and the Secret Service (Shin Bet) as well as the Police and some Generals in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) who forgot that they had an obligation to the people and not merely to corrupt politicians who wanted to remain in power at any cost.

Other primary destroyers of the Jewish State would include Aharon Barak, (ret.) Supreme Court Justice and the current Chief Justice Dorit Beinish. Avi Dichter seemed always ready to flip-flop his position. Certain IDF Generals were definitely political appointees who could be charged with aiding the fall of the Third Temple.

Contributing forces to the Fall of the State of Israel would be the Kadima Party Cabinet - the Knesset enablers who kept Ehud Olmert in office for their own financial benefits.

Then consider Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (who kept Shas in the government when he could have pulled them out, causing the government to fall before they surrendered Jewish Land to the Muslims).

The Jewish people who survived the Fall of our Third Temple would have to judge and sentence all those whom they could hunt down with responsibility and culpability for the dead, maimed and those of World Jewry who lost their nation. Regrettably, many would carry their own guilt to their grave for not having risen to stop the betrayers before they succeeded in bringing down the Third Temple.

As for the outside nations who colluded with the failed Jewish leadership to betray the Jewish people and the Jewish nation, their fate will have to be left in the hands of the G-d of Vengeance. We already see that punishment in motion: Plagues, financial collapse, global weather changes - accompanied by flooding, freezing, wind disasters of tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons, crop failures, water sources drying up....

We observe with alarm the rising up of religions full of hate, immigrating into democratic nations in swarms, willing to kill all who defy their beliefs in pagan style gods. The nations of the world are already suffering from calamities which have only begun to declare themselves with more and great retribution. The more they attempt to destroy the Jewish nation, the faster G-d sends his warning with these catastrophes rushing in to balance the scales.

I have little doubt that the Jewish leadership which led the betrayal to sacrifice the people and the nation will end up on something equivalent to the 50 cubit gallows which Haman (the villain of Purim) constructed for Mordecai (Purim's hero). Haman and his 10 sons were thus executed on the gallows Haman built to kill Mordecai.

This or something worse is the destiny for traitors who would bring down the Third Temple.


1. "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992" p. 137; 151-2; 216; 250;  by John Loftus & Mark Aarons St. Martin's Press NY 1994

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