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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TIPS FOR SELF-DEFENSE, very appropriate for Purim ( rerun) . Any more tips?? And if ANYBODY questions you about it, remind them of the self-defense classes taught to women in the KNESSET.

Shmuel said:

LOL. I am a Jewish "Gaucho" and a Levite tracing my ancestry all the way to the Gershonite family.
I am also a former soldier in the idf that received the "OT LEBANON", the original one...
But I do not check others credentials... ;)
I received training as I mentioned and also as a amateur boxer and swordsman.  In the idf I received also basic training again.
The Oslo plan is by now completely exposed for what it was and is. The further labels attached to it cannot disguise the truth and we must act in accordance.
I will be calling the referenced phone number to offer training for those in danger. I can be reached at 050 796 9322.
It really amazes me that some of our brothers in Torah and G.d's ways do not understand even basic self defense needs.
That leaves their wives, children, schools, farms, businesses and all of us at the mercy of those entities hatched by islam.
TRAINING:  Moses was trained at the Court of the Pharaoh and used that training when he fought off the marauders at the water well and also later when organizing our people militarily.  In fact Moses uppercut to the slave driver was not bad either...
During the war of independence? here there were many non Jewish experts training our incipient military. Then really JEWISH.
I worked for the US Department of Defense as a Senior/Fellow Engineer and I can attest that they, (and me), trained tens of thousands of our officers.
The first On Site US rep here was one Richard Zeman, Z'L, a devout Christian, that trained one of our major defense firms here on the production of F-16 critical components manufacturing.  At the Tel Aviv Asia House there was a full Staff of GD and DCAS people, almost all non Jews that dedicated years to help us.
Richard, Z'L also selected me to take his task before he returned to the US to be assigned to other Projects and I received terrific training in General Dynamics and Sperry as well as Honeywell Defense systems.
Lets not reject and demean good Gentiles and there are many, including but not limited to those honored as Righteous for saving many of our people during the Holocaust.
NOTE: No one may NOT BUY or use knives for self defense unless properly trained to do so and aware of the dangers.
Children must never have access to the knives but should have training on basic tactics if attacked.
I will be offering materials commonly available for self defense.

And Shmuel also said:

We "Gauchos" are funny about being attacked with knives.
Since I was 8 years old, Pedro Salinas, our head Gaucho at the Ranch taught us Gaucho knife fighting and self defense.
He insisted on us using the "facon", long Gaucho knife sheeted at an angle at the waist's back, in a way that it would "come out cutting".
They are nothing to play with, lightning fast and knowledgeable.
Probably people living in the midst of the islamic beasts in Jerusalem should have training on at least knife attack defense.
There are methods and materials available for those willing to learn.

DS added;


As well as Rabbi Lazer Brody's link:

I certainly endorse self -defense, but on one condition: The instructor must be a G-d - fearing Jew, otherwise the loss is bigger than the gain. The best in the business is the Abir Aluf, Rav Yehoshua Sofer. His number is 052-6720333. Blessings always and warm regards, bsorot tovot, LB

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