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Monday, March 24, 2008

RE: How Can USA or Israel Become Islamized? Watch The News Every Day As It Happens.

Carl is pointing out something very important that I missed: these statistics are from the CIA, and therefore could very well be flawed.

My omission ( and A.M's too).

So please, take this with a grain of salt, and read Carl's comments below.

Thanks, Carl, for your vigilance.


Let the tiger go free, then it would give reason to bring in Martial Law, disband the constitution, and fill up those 800+ concentration camps here in the US that are operational and ready to be put to use, once the order is given.
Notice that some of their information in your email was from the CIA.

Maybe. But I still believe these statistics. And as an example: let's say there was a tiger on the loose in the streets of Oklahoma, and the reason the tiger is there is, because the zoo keeper let it loose on purpose - he is a criminal who hates the locals... so what should people do? Kill the tiger, or pet him, and make nice to him? A tiger is still a tiger! And an Arab is still an Arab, and will keep killing, WILLINGLY mind you.

So, OK, they were let loose by the Jesuits. But SO WHAT!? They are still a great danger!


Carl said:

This is a typical smokescreen to hide the real culprits, the Jesuits.  They want the entire world to think that the Muslim is the real enemy, so that when the BIG ONE hits, all will be convinced to go after the Muslims and their holy sites.  The media, which is run by the Jesuits, has done a thorough job in building up the ISLAMIC ENEMY.  We have been primed to go after him once that "big event" takes place.

Let me make clear what I just said.  Don't get me wrong.  The Muslims are doing the Jesuits bidding, since the Muslim leaders and heads of state are all masonic-jesuit controlled puppets.
The Jesuits hate the Muslims, and when the time is come, they will destroy them.

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