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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fwd: translation of Yitzchak Dadon interview

G. sent this:




Amit Segal from    interviews Yitzchak Dadon in front of Yeshivat Mercaz Harav in Jerusalem

On the screen it is written:

8 killed in an attack on Yeshivat Mercaz Harav in Jerusalem


Segal: We are with Yitchak Dadon. Are you a student in Mercaz Harav?

0:04   Yes' I am.

0:07 I studied at the Bet Midrash and suddenly we heard burst of ammunition.

0:12 At first we did not know where it is coming from and then we realized it is coming from the library. The library is in another building.

0:20  All the students left the building of the Bet Midrash from a side door.

0:26 I went out of the window to the roof of the bet Midrash and charged my gun.

0:30 the roof is below the library and I went to a balcony facing the front of the library. I lay on the roof watching the library  and waiting for the terrorist to appear.

0:50  during all this time I heard the shooting.

0:59 Suddenly he came out of the library and sprayed bullits all over. I tried to shoot him but he disappeared. Than he came out again and stood near the door.

1:05 Did he have an automatic weapon?

1:07 Yes, he was carrying a Kalachnikov that Ulmert and our president Peres, the president of the State of Israel

So you captured him?

1:08  Let me finish the sentence. The president of the state of Israel gave them the weapons. With these weapons people were killed today. I have to reiterate, Mister President  gave them the weapons

1:16 So you  got …

Background voice: let him talk

1:29  Mr. President should know that

1:37 The terrorist  came to the entrance and I shot him in the head twice.

He swayed and then another guy who was waiting for him, I did not see that guy, shot him with his M16 and finished the job.

1:54 Did you see only one terrorist? Because there were rumors that there were two terrorists.

1:57 I did not see, we went in the library.

1:58 Who are the people who sit in this hour in the library? Students of the Yeshiva?

2:01 Students of the yeshiva and other guys, also from Ultra-Orthodox yeshivot.

2"07 what ages?

All ages, I saw there young ones, I hope nothing happened to them. I do not know what happened.

2:13 How old are you?

2:14  40

2:15 How long has this event lasted?

2:16  long time,  about 4-5 minutes.

2:20  4-5minutes the man was shooting in the library?

         Yes, people called the police but they did not come fast enough.

2:20 How many dead?

2:29 I did not see, the room was enveloped with smoke.

2:30 So besides the shooting were also grenades?

2:35 No, only shooting

2:50 Was there a guard?

No there was not one as far as I know.

2:55 Do you come here every evening?

2:57 Yes, I try to.

3:00 How do you feel this evening?

3:02 How do I feel?

We see just before our eyes the realization of vision of the New Middle East of Peres and his follower, Ulmart  in a brazen (impudent) statement.


Yitzcha, we have to go back to the station Thank you

Thank you for cutting me off.


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