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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fwd: PA Daily: Mass Murderer is a Martyr (and what of it?)

Bush is unilaterally and imperiously overriding Congress because nothing must stand in the way of arming Egypt and the PA against Israel. Not only does it weaken Israel, but it also enriches the AS armament manufacturers, who cannot sell to impoverished customers like these unless the US taxpayers pay for it. It's called "strengthening the moderates."





The matter is not that opaque. One hired hand goes to the oil sheikhs requesting that they not gouge too-too much on oil supply and prices and the other hired hand is sent to set up the quid pro quo: further weakening Israel and advancing her down the road toward the end of the Roadmap at Auschwitz "B"  Quite simply, it's the old game of buying Arab oil with Israeli blood.





The following is from the official, Palestinian Authority government-controlled paper, meaning it is controlled by the "moderate" peace partners, Fatah and its head, Mahmoud Abbas. The State Department and the EU support them with billions of dollars every year, train its "security forces" (the ones frequently involved in murdering Jews) and insist that Israeli security depends on giving them a sovereign state in the heart of Israel. Do you believe Condoleezza will determine that they are involved in or advocating terrorist activity? If you do, there is a bridge in New York that I want to sell you.




Silly rabbit. How can the Egyptian government and PLO buy weapons from the US if Kinda Sleazy Twice holds up their "US aid" which the senate blocked them from receiving for this very reason? Kinda Sleazy Twice knows that business is business. After all, she was an oil man once herself. Had a tanker named after her.






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