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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fwd: We can do this for the eight murdered students

This comes from a very good and long standing friend and colleague of mine. What he suggests is one thing we can do, at least at one level. We can make up for the loss of the Torah learning that they will not be able to do.




Mishkan Moshe


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3rd Adar B 5768


The slaughter of the eight Yeshiva students on Thursday evening shocked and saddened the nation of Jews throughout the world.


How can we as individuals and as a nation express our common sadness and somehow try to identify with these pure young souls so cruelly butchered.


When we remember that they were killed in their study hall, engaged in the study of Torah, the unique heritage of the Jewish people, a way is opened to us.


How appropriate that we commemorate them in the very way that they were engaged when they gave up their lives. The day after the shloshim, the thirtieth day of their passing is Sunday April 6th, Rosh Chodesh Nissan.


Let us all dedicate this day as a day of learning Torah. Not in the hope that this will solve the terrible problems that face us, not because this will necessarily bring comfort to the bereaved, but because we shall do what they loved to do – learn Torah for its own sake, for no ulterior motive. Let us not consider if it will do any good, or if there are more appropriate ways of doing it. Let us not look at the colour of the yarmulkes that they were wearing. Let us simply devote the day as far as we able to a day of learning – in everyplace where there are Jews, of every persuasion and opinion.


Those who learn every day let them learn a little more. Those who do not learn regularly, or not all, let them learn something that day. Let us open the doors of every Beit Cnesset and Beit Midrash, every community center, every school and let us have shiurim. No political orations not even hespedim. Simply learning, dedicated to the memory of these young holy souls.


Let everyone learn what he wills – Chumash, Mishnaot, Prophets, Gemorra, Kabala. Let the Yeshivas and Torah organizations send out teachers to every place where Jews are found – schools, offices, hospitals, prisons, to give classes.

Let the Prime Minister, the cabinet, judges, meet in groups for classes. Let the media transmit live classes. Let there be feedback classes on the web. Let every institution do what seems proper to them, without coercion or set programs – simply learning Torah l'Shma – for its own sake and in remembrance of the eight holy souls who have been taken from us.


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