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Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is something you should all read carefully, to understand what's happening in the world. BEWARE AND BE PREPARED!

The Muslims operate on the belief that Muhammad ascended into heaven in a vision from the site supposedly where Abraham attempted to offer Isaac as a burnt offering, according to Genesis 22.  That site is where the Dome of the Rock stands today.  In that vision, Allah showed Muhammad that it was Ishmael that was offered and not Isaac.  Therefore, the descendants of Ishmael are the blessed ones, not those of Isaac.  This is the basis of the Islamic faith.  This is what drives their fury.  And couple that with the promise of 72 virgins awaiting the martyrs? 
To the Muslims, Israel has no right to exist.  It's in their religion.  They believe in their hearts and souls that Israel must be destroyed.  But this is being used by the Jesuits to accomplish their end, and their common tactic is THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.  MONEY AND POWER RULES, AND THE ISLAMIC LEADERS ARE PAWNS.
If a "terrorist event" did take place, the economy would violently crash.  What happens when the economy crashes?  ANARCHY, BIG TIME.  This would call for Martial Law.  The economy is going to crash, but the question is just how it will happen.  If the elections do take place, with the Fed continually pumping in false money to keep the market going (which only weakens the dollar and skyrockets prices each time they lower interest rates, which only speeds up inflation), and McCain is elected (as planned), then from what I hear, the US will go after Iran, with McCain at the helm.  However, once again, McCain will only be following orders.
The majority opinion seems to be that the elections will take place, and the "event" will follow.  But anyway you look at it, the dollar must be removed and the Amero introduced to form the North American Union between Canada, US, and Mexico. 

All this, however, will give way to the microchip under the skin for complete government control of all earth' inhabitants in the coming NWO.

 All monetary transactions will operate through the chips. 

Those that refuse to be chipped will be denied the right to buy or sell, and if caught, will be killed

This is the ENDGAME.   Their goal is to reduce the world's population by 80%.


that is the theory of Eric Phelps. I can't imagine he is right. These guys hate us so much, this is not just because of the Jesuits, it is their own hatred.

Now what's with November? What do you have in mind: a major depression? A nuclear event? What?

I'm not playing down the role of the Muslims.  Their Islamic leaders who are driving them on and who are preaching to them "death to Israel" and "death to America" are all masonic instruments, whose master is the Jesuit General.  They are everything you say they are.  Don't get me wrong.  It probably could be compared to someone hiring a hitman to commit murder.  The one who hires the hitman will be charged with murder, although he himself did not commit the act.  Both are guilty.  This is why it is termed "conspiracy" to commit murder.  The "conspiracy" is meant to be shrouded.  The murderous Islamic terrorists are shrouding a greater evil.
A "crisis" could always interrupt the political scenario for November.   Would you like to guess as to what kind of "crisis" that might be?


This is all very nice, but I am afraid that theory is PLAYING DOWN the role of the Islamists in terror. Here is Israel we see them, and feel them in action every single day. We see what they are made of. They are murderers, no less than your Jesuits are. They just have different methods. Hamas wants us dead, Ahmedinajjad wants us dead, Hezbollah wants us dead. They all DO want us dead, no less than the Jesuits.

So when you say that the Jesuits are PLAYING UP the role of the Muslims, I have to be a little bit skeptical.. Maybe they work together, that , yes. But believe me that these Muslims kill us with the greatest glee. PLAN to kill us, WORK to kill us, do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to kill us.

Re: Mc-Cain, we'll see if you are right. Time will tell.

And why do you say: IF there is an election in November? What alternative do you foresee?


C2 said:

This is in reference to a US national emergency, which will probably be pre-planned simutaneous nuclear detonations which will disband the constitution, bring in Marcial Law and will lead to all-out war with the Muslim world, with the first and foremost targets being the Muslim holy sites.  The US media has obeyed the Jesuits in playing up the big enemy of Osama Bin Laden, Iran, and the Islamic terrorists so as to blame any "terrorist" attack on the Muslims, when in fact it has been pre-planned by a Jesuit-controlled US government.  The Jesuits have controlled the US ever since 1868, just after they assassinated Abraham Lincoln.  The full funding of their evil plan to bring about a New World Order was established when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  President Wilson admitted that he had made an historical mistake and had signed over his country into the hands of evil men who would hold the US citizens in financial slavery, while they worked toward a New World Order. 
It has long been determined that John McCain would be the next US president (by the Archbishop of NY), and his hot temper and military experience (that is, if there IS an election in November) just may be the ingredients to go along with the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the Presidential Directive for National Security of 2007, i.e. paving the way for a hot-headed military dictator who would show his real colors in time of national crises.
Bush's overriding congress to help the Palestinians is just an example of a future unbridled dictator's authority once a major crisis takes place.

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