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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Re: Wrong paradigm: from now on, EVERY ATTACK BY THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST ANY JEW IN ISRAEL will be called ANTISEMITISM, which it is. Read below


I might be wrong. I just think that the word ANTISEMITE is a word that every Jew, and almost every person in the Western world understands, as meaning animosity towards Jews who look like Jews, act like Jews, etc. Your term UNJEWS is very good for our own group, to make a point. But it does not imply Jew-hatred, and it is not UNIVERSALLY understood. Antisemitism is. When you tell somebody in their face that they are an antisemite, they understand.

You have to have a common language with people if you want to have an effect.

The fact that they are born Jewish in no way negates their antisemitism. It is SELF_HATRED, born out of God knows what earlier experiences, societal pressures, etc.Chazal say that the only reason people go against the Torah and G'd is so they can indulge their lusts freely, without guilt. So when you think of Israeli society, with its GAYS, its LESBIANS, its SWAP COUPLES, you can understand what turned them into antisemites.

Not to forget the not so small influence of Sabbateanism ( read Barry Chamish and Rabbi Marvin Antelman if you don;t understand what I am trying to say)


SHmuel said:

I coined the word unJews since those deviants or at least some of them were born Jews.
But I am prepared to downgrade the filth to ANTI-SEMITIC is you say it is better.
That applies to the locals.
Overseas THEY ARE ANTI-SEMITES.  Absolutely right.

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