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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Re: (some) principles... VERY IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION

Thanks, Aryeh, for your input.


…for a Jewish Republic:

There is no Torah source for a Republic. The Torah says King.


1. Small Government

OK to that. The Torah says the King must not unduly increase silver and gold.

2. Rule by representatives of local communities

We are taught rule by King and other hereditary officials.

3. no income tax

OK to that. We are not allowed to punish someone because they are blessed with success.

4. no sales tax

We are taught that this is permitted.

5. YES protective tariffs

We are taught that this is permitted.

6. no prisons (fines, corporal and capital punishment, exile)

There is no source for prison in the Torah. The closest is the case of an EVED EVIRI.

7. no central bank

Or any other type of banks. RIBBIT is a very serious ISSUR DEORISAH.


(anonymous contribution based upon Torah sources)


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Aryeh Zelasko :-)
Beitar Illit, Judea

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