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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Re: Of course he has no answers: it was an INSIDE JOB! Either the Shabak, or the CIA... or both working together. You see that NO ARAB ORGANIZATION HAS TAKEN CREDIT: HOW COME?? How come the POLICE wouldn't kill the terrorist??


And at any rate, how come THE COMMON PEOPLE don't cry out against these evil, crazy media ? Don't they understand that YOU HAVE TO KILL THE ENEMY THAT COMES TO KILL YOU? What on earth happened to their survival instinct?They have been so brainwashed they have lost their HUMANITY!

Media Rampage on Posters Calling for Revenge
5 Adar Bet 5768, 12 March 08 05:10

( Israeli media conducted a full-scale attack on the national religious camp Wednesday after several posters were discovered in Jerusalem calling on Jews to avenge "measure for measure" the terrorist attack on the Merkaz HaRav yeshiva that left eight students dead and several others wounded. "Each and everyone is required to imagine what the enemy is plotting to do to us, and to match it measure for measure," announced the posters, which were displayed in the neighborhood of the yeshiva.

However, the media, led by Voice of Israel government radio, immediately used the incident to recall alleged incitement by national religious rabbis before the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. After failing to finger leading Yesha rabbis as being responsible for the posters, which did not call for specific illegal acts, Voice of Israel interviewed one of the signatories, who explained that there was no intention that anyone should take the law in his hands. 

Rabbi David Drukman said the intention was that the government should take a tougher stand against terrorists. The poster stated that Jews should "work to create a proper Jewish leadership" towards the day when "Jews will...strike those who wish upon them ill." Rabbi Drukman said that one example of "measure for measure" is not to hire Arab workers. The terrorist who killed the yeshiva students was a driver for the institution.

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