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Monday, March 10, 2008

Re: Let's do a little bit of detective work to see why this Arab man performed the terrible massacre at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva on Thursday night, Rosh Chodesh Adar..

Teddy wrote:

Isn't a full-scale invasion of Gaza what we want?  Isn't that needed to stop the rockets in the Negev?  Wouldn't it be better to do Gaza before the Lebanon border erupts again, rather than at the same time??  

So... if our gov't doesn't have the spine to do it on principle, they think they need to manufacture a reason to generate the political will.  We're talking about a gov't here that doesn't seem to fear G-d or pray, so without that how can they get a righteous idea of how to run things?  Therefore, perhaps they dream up un-righteous ways.  

Just like Rabbi Shapira, at the funeral of the yeshiva massacre, quoted Judges 21: "And in those days there was no king in Israel, and each person did what he thought right."

I'm not saying for sure that they brainwashed Abu D'heim.  But they're capable.  Our only defense against such actions is appealing to G-d in prayer.  

DS answered:


yes, of course, we do want an invasion of Gaza. But that is NOT the plan of this government. All they want to do is do some minor work, just enough for ABBAS to take over. So in essence, what will happen is that our soldiers will go on fighting and dying in order to help Abbas, and therefore a PALESTINIAN STATE.

This is what was decided by Rice and Co ( numerous entries about that on my blog http://israeltruthtimes. )

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