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Monday, March 10, 2008

Fwd: The Lottery called the Courts ( re: the case of Itamar Ben Gvir vs. Barry Chamish)

Here is a copy of a letter written by H. to Barry:

Dear Barry.


I wanted to share some thoughts about your case involving Itamar G'vir.

No one will ever know who is  truly Shabak.  Shabak is not compelled to openly identify themselves as the accusers in cases against Jews. 

Facetiously, a person never arrested is sure to be Shabak (G'vir?) but then a person frequently arrested may also be Shabak (to be jail shtinker). So then who is really Shabak?

Now since truth is a  complete defense (in civilized courts) to libel and slander, if G'vir is Shabak and you could prove it, you should be exempt from damages. But it is  "legally" impossible to prove this in an Israeli court given the secrecy of the secret service. This defense was never available to you.

More puzzling, since Shabak is "godlike" in
Israel (their allegations in court are infallible) how can it be actionable to call someone "Shabak?"  Wouldn't such an identification be praiseworthy? Shouldn't you then be entitled to a reward or bonus?

To add to the confusion , the Courts of Israel traditionallly don't give damages for the loss of the reputation of a "right wing extremist" nor extract them from a left wing Bolshevik.  Rabbi  MeirKahane was called a "Nazi" (contrary to law).  His cause of  action for damages was dismissed.  Kastner, the capo, was judged "defamed" and paid  a perutah in damages.

How could it happen that Barry Chamish was compelled to pay damages to Itamar G'vir reputed to be a "right wing extremist" for labeling G'vir "Shabak"?

This conclusion comes to mind.

The government of Israel wanted to discredit Barry Chamish,.

The government of Israel wanted to make Barry Chamish appear to be unworthy of belief. 

The government of Israel wanted to punish Barry Chamish for revealing uncomfortable


The government of Israel wanted to make it expensive for Barry Chamish, or any others to speak freely and critically.


To do this, the Issurreal government used the power of its corrupt courts  to intimidate and silence indivdual freedom.



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