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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RAV LIOR ISSUES RULING ON EMPLOYING ARABS: according to this article, it is a PLAN to rule, not a ruling.Is it an actual Psak Din? Will the municipalities comply? Kiryat Arba? Good question.

Mar 19, 2008 15:52 | Updated Mar 19, 2008 16:14

Rabbi: Don't hire, rent homes to Arabs


Hebron and Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior plans to issue a halachic ruling according to which it is forbidden to rent out apartments to Arabs or to employ them anywhere in Israel - regardless of whether they are Israeli citizens.

Medics evacuate a casualty from the site of the shooting attack in Jerusalem.
Photo: AP

In an interview to "Eretz Israel Shelanu" (Our Land of Israel), a pamphlet distributed in synagogues, Lior said that it was "mortally dangerous" to do so, as proved by the terror attack at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva. It was thus forbidden to hire Arab workers not only in yeshivot "but also in factories, hotels or anywhere," he said.

According to the family of Ala Abu Dhaim, the terrorist who killed eight Mercaz Harav students and wounded nine, the yeshiva had employed Abu Dhaim as a driver.

However, yeshiva head Rabbi Ya'acov Shapira denied that Abu Dhaim was a yeshiva employee.

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