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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who should Israel send to fight in Gaza?

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 Who Should be Sent to Fight in Gaza?

Another round of goal-less fighting has drawn to an end in Gaza. The government had to do something to give Israel's citizens the feeling that it is 'doing something' for their security. But as the mother of the  soldier killed in the fighting said at her son's funeral, "If I would know that my son's death had stopped the Kassams, I would be able to deal with it. But it did not."

Who should Israel send to fight in Gaza?

First of all, Omri Sharon and all the Knesset members who voted in favor of the 'Disengagement.' They should of course be joined by all the media pundits and academia experts who bulldozed the sensitive but determined pogrom forward against all logic. From an ethical standpoint, those people who handed Gaza over to the enemy should now face the music and fight in Gaza to undo the damage that they have done. But we have not seen any of those responsible for this catastrophe lining up to help solve the problem.

That being the case, every Israeli soldier would be wise to sit himself down and ask himself if he plans on sacrificing his life to "conquer Gaza, shatter the military power of the Hamas and then to transfer Gaza to Abu Mazen's trained forces," the "only realistic scenario" as proposed in the Ha'aretz newspaper.

There should be no doubt in anybody's mind. Sooner or later, our soldiers will be sent to be sitting ducks in Gaza. Their lives will be worth much less than the lives of the enemy civilians (who are 'innocent,' of course). Their lives will be sacrificed so that Israel can transfer Gaza from one terrorist to another - who will also fire missiles at Ashkelon.

When the war trumpets sound, the standing army and reserve soldiers will feel awkward letting their friends go to battle without them. Everyone will run to fight and many will return in boxes. Their mothers will feel the same way that this week's bereaved mother felt.

It would be wise for everyone to think this through with a clear head - while it is still possible.

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