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Monday, March 17, 2008

Understanding the Spitzer saga for what it is: read on, - from stock market pros:

... and this quote from zmx835:

"Chopper Ben and his host of international bank pirates are raining greenbacks on investment banks, including Bear Stearns. They are trading $200 billion of greenbacks against bank collateral of worthless, mortgage-backed securities and other junk, untradable paper. The real value of this collateral is . . . not much. Translation - they pretty injected/transferred $200 billion worth of taxpayer money to the International bankers on a relatively indefinite basis.

Spitzer was in the way - the Feds had an increasingly difficult time rolling over him in New York, and he was increasingly a thorn in their side. As the US financial house was coming down - Spitzer was increasingly accusatory of the Bushies as the cause of the US economic meltdown. The Bushies felt threatened - Spitzer was the Governor of New York - you know - the financial hub. They put the Justice Department on it. Justice found cute little Katrina, and managed to smash Spitzer, getting him out of the way just in time to spring the $200 billion boondoggle, as Spitzer went down in humiliation. Pretty effective move on their part!

So what do I care ? -
Chopper Ben and the Boys at the Fed are getting wild. I worry their moves will decrease the value of the dollar at an even faster rate.
(....) In the mean time, the looting continues, the dollar collapses, and the Fed is in rare form, even for the Fed. Got gold?"

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