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Thursday, March 20, 2008

That's what I figured. The young man would be the FALL GUY. What orders exactly did he receive?. WHY WOULD FRANCO NOT HAVE ENTERED THE YESHIVAH? WAS THAT THE ORDER??The head brass KNOWS we suspect them. I TOLD THEM SO!

Merkaz Cop's Family: Franco Wouldn't Have Done Better

13 Adar Bet 5768, 20 March 08 01:03

( Family members of the policeman whom Jerusalem police chief Maj.-Gen. Aharon Franco said did not react properly to the terror attack in Merkaz HaRav yeshiva claimed Thursday that Franco would have not acted differently had he been in the policeman's shoes.

The cop is 25 years old. After serving in a non-combat job in the air force he joined the police force six months ago and became a patrol officer. He was sent to Merkaz HaRav following neighbors' reports of gunfire along with a female patrol officer. The police's initial suspicion was that the sounds were not of gunfire but of Purim detonators.

The murder rampage went on for a full ten minutes, accoring to the police timeline. The patrol cop was armed with a Glilon assault rifle but took no steps to confront the terrorist as he went on his murder spree, or to distract him. "They found a convenient address for the blame," the policeman's relatives said, "but the District Commander would not have entered the yeshiva either if he was there in his place."

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