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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

See how TSIPPI LIVNI HAS LOST EVERY SHRED OF MORALITY:. when JEWS get killed, SHE doesn't care... yet when ARABS get killed, EVEN THEY, LOWLY ARABS do care - and stop talking

Jack commented:

What courage of her convictions. She can pursue her fantasy full steam no matter what is happening in the real world. Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with psychotic delusion.

H&R wrote a letter to Tsippi Livni: 


The less reality the more fantasy.





"I said clearly in Annapolis, as I said in Paris, that the success of this
peace process depends on the determination of the leaders of both sides not
to let the goings-on outside of the negotiating room enter the negotiating
room. And I didn't only say so; I acted accordingly.
I met with Abu Ala the
same day there was a suicide bombing in an Israeli mall in the Negev, in
Dimona, in which one Israeli was killed. Some members of the government
coalition called on me to stop the negotiations because it's not wise or it
doesn't represent the interests of Israel to continue negotiations under
terror. And last week I had two meetings with Abu Ala - one on Wednesday,
the same time when I received the information that an Israeli was killed at
the Sapir College campus near Sderot. And the next day we had another
meeting, on the day of the funeral. I answered a no-confidence vote in the
Israeli parliament for continuing the negotiations, and I said clearly that
we are going to continue the negotiations because otherwise we give Hamas
the keys and control of the peace treaty because if they know that by using
terror they win the cessation of the negotiations, this would only give them
a good reason to continue terrorism" (Livni)


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