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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Re:d How is that for gross politicized interference with the functioning of the courts?Because it FITS HIS PARTY, Barak, in collusion with Cabinet Secretary , PREVENTS CHANGE IN THE COURT SYSTEM. ANYTHING TO HOLD ON TO POWER!

Shmuel said:

In a way it seals the downfall of the system as anyone, even the most remote to the crude nature of the so called "justice" system here will understand it for what it is. 
A "va'adah mesaderet" selected, organized, financed and operated solely on behalf of the unJews.

The whole anti-Jewish cauldron is putrid to the core and sending healthy new components into it will result in no time in the decomposition of the later.
The good news is that it is coming down, their whole scaffolding is shaking and about to fall.  And thus is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, they will stop at nothing to keep power in their hands.
Yet. A few more well placed rabbit punches and down it goes!

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