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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Re: Wrong paradigm: from now on, EVERY ATTACK BY THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST ANY JEW IN ISRAEL will be called ANTISEMITISM, which it is. Read below


Rabbi Stein,

In Hebrew it goes. But you have to use a term that people understand, even THEY understand. When you tell a soldier beating you up: you have Sinát Yisrael, he'll laugh in your face. If you tell him: Ata Antishemi, he'll get the message.

 That is what I was trying to tell SHmuel, who uses the term unJEWS. It is very nice, but you have to use the COMMON LANGUAGE to have an influence.

MITYAVNIM: I am not sure, maybe. In English it is called HELLENISTS. Would it have an emotional effect? Don't know. You have to work on people's EMOTIONS. That is how THEY work too.


What is POLSHIM?

Anybody, comments? How is it best to address the beasts? I am in favor of the word ANTISEMITIC, because it carries a very heavy, HISTORICAL meaning. We ALL understand what it means. WE DO, and THEY DO.


Rabbi Stein wrote:

Do not call it antisemitism because the Arabs are Semitics.

Call it SINAAT YSRAEL. And call the attackers MITIAVNIM

I suggest to stop calling the Jews in Samaria and Jehudah "settlers"

In stead we have to call the Arabs POLSHIM and the Jews citizens=TOSHAVIM, EZRACHIM

We should not fall in the media traps.

Dov Stein


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