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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re: This might just be the TURNING POINT. Right before Purim_ Venahafochu. We needed the support of the Hareidi public in this battle. NOW WE HAVE IT. It looks like they are complying with the Psak Din. B"H!!

Carl said:

Case in point.  Go into the Wal-marts and US stores and see where most of the products are made - CHINA, the big enemy that wants to take over America and is willing to kill 200 million Americans if necessary in order to do so.  Sound familiar?  This is called aiding and abetting the enemy for our own destruction.

And Shmuel said:

The more I think about it, the more I see the greatness of the Gadol's ruling.  In one fell swap he set up in motion a non violent rejection of the noxious enemies and a very real change of our people's way to live in Eretz Israel.
He laid on the door steps of every Jew a simple thing to do leading to a real Jewish state.
I am impressed.
But you will see the sabotage by the open and hidden unJews soon to make the ruling forgotten.
We must keep up the JEWISH LABOR ONLY concept as a leading motto of ours.
DS replied:
Yes. There is only one thing: the UnJews are AFRAID of the Hareidim, more so than of us. They hold the key. You saw what happened with the gay parade. The moment they got in the act, everything broke loose. Then, on the other hand, the gol cracked down on them hard too. But somehow, the gol gives them power., Even Peres respects them. So they are it.

That is why I was trying to get something out of Rav Ovadia. But he is so corrupt. This Rav Kaniefsky is NOT corrupt. My son, who learned in a Hareidi Yeshiva, told me that he is the Rosh Yeshiva of Poniewitch, in Bnei Brak, One of the BEST Yeshivot in all of Israel, together with Brisk, You can see on his face, the man is a Tsaddik. I wish the  religious zionist people would give him the credit he deserves, he is better than all of them together. Rav Lior should also bow down to him. No politicizing, just plain Torah.

Who knows, he could also be MASHIACH, for all I know.

And don't forget that ( to my opinion, at least), Ido Zoldan got murdered by the gol ( a PA policeman armed by us, at a strategic location) because of his Avoda Ivrit concept. I also believe that this is one of the motives behind the Achikam Amichai murder, also by the gol ( same story). His father is the force behind Otzar Haaretz Shemittah products, , in essence also Avodah Ivrit.

Let's hope the gol doesn't resort to outright murder to solve the problem. At least they won't be able to use ARAB LABORERS! They'll have to resort to another stratagem. I am glad we are making their life difficult. ""How to murder without being found out"".


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