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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Re: This is what we have come to: even a LYNCHING is not sufficient cause for self-defense in this ANTISEMITIC COUNTRY!

Hire a Clarence Darrow.
In the 1920's there was a Black family that moved into a White neighborhood in Detroit and they wanted to lynch him on his property, he shot an assailant dead and went on trial -- Darrow defended him and won.
Many years later my grandfather was walking in Detroit and 3 Black men tried to rob with a gun him until he shot 2 dead and wounded another (he was fearless). He felt awful about it, but the city gave him a medal.
Now you are on your own land and your own judicial process will neither defend you or commend you.
I hear Oregon is nice.

Aryeh responded:

Why would we want to burden the people of Oregon by sending them our garbage. The bottom of the Mediterranean is a much better place.

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