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Monday, March 3, 2008

Re: Only one word: TREASON, TREASON, and MORE TREASON!

Deserves a highlight, Jack!


This morning, Minister of Da Fence, Ehud Barak (Ehud the Feckless) stood before the media and actually expressed his dismay that "we withdrew and they are still firing rockets at us!" Nothing is more predictable. He withdrew from Southern Lebanon like a thief in the night, abandoning heavy equipment, computers and Israel's ally, the South Lebanese Army and the Hezbullah immediately began preparations for the barrage of missiles in Summer of 2006. He abandoned Joseph's tomb and a wounded soldier to bleed to death and the Arabs destroyed the building and its Jewish holy books. He was part of the abandonment of the Gaza Strip and the Northern Shomron in 2005 and they have not stopped firing rockets at us. But this morning, he was shocked, I tell you, shocked. Is it possible he is really that stupid?


 SHmuel said:

Peres and his controllers knew that the israelitist merchandize could be bought and played with.  Rabin was the first one into the bag. Barak followed and so did a list of other pseudo generals.
Now is time to plow that scum pile under and go over to abide on Torah Law, respectfully honor our Heritage and assume our real destiny.
If we fail to do our duty now we have no one to blame but ourselves. Man the stations, pick up the flag and call for the citizens to follow.
Indeed he is and he well represents his generation of blowhard, grotesque, pompous, treacherous, insolent, arrogant jackasses hatched in the unJewish systems.

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