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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Re: Israeli media cover-up New Intifada

Rabbi Dov Stein of the Sanhedrin had this to tell:

A person 22 year old was Robbed by 3 Arabs with knives in Petach-tiqvah immediately after he received his salary 6000 nis. His nane is Sholomo Hershkovits. I met him immediately after he was robbed on the way to Jerusalm looking for a tremp because he has not even to pay for a bus. I gave him 100 nis in order to have some meal and expenses to go home by bus. He told me that when he came to the police to be helped about it they heard him only after more than an hour given de facto enough time to the gang to disappear. He remains with no resources even for his food for the next month.

Dov Stein

 First of all, this story needs to be told.And the despicable behavior of the police in Petach -Tikvah publicized. I would bet that this young man was OUTWARDLY JEWISH LOOKING. What do you say, Rabbi Stein?/ Were we dealing with a case of POLICE ANTISEMITISM?

Second, I suggest we collect for this young man for this month, specially before Purim.

I am pledging NIS 100.Please send your pledges to me. As soon as I find out this young man's mailing address, I'll post it, and I hope you'll send in your pledges directly to him.Thanks.


From: Daisy Stern []

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