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Monday, March 17, 2008

Re: highlighted point

DS replied:

32 dollars! People would die for that today!

Hmmm... Besides gold, I'd say, ETF 's of grains, wheat, silver, natural gas, sugar, coffee, Japanese yen... ... exchangeable into dollars at any time..( but what's a dollar any more?)...

and always a good stock of GEMS ( emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, etc) that can be traded in an emergency against survival goods. Jews learned that during WWII. Although when things get tough, it is hard to EAT rubies!!

One thing I'd stay away from, even though it is VERY strong, is the SHEKEL; with a ten foot pole, Who wants to strengthen this government by making it richer?!

Shmuel said;

The Euro is a fictitious monetary sign. Transitional in nature. Probably the only currency ever released without known resources behind it. Each country apparently has to meet financial guidelines presumably opening liquid assets to support it, but the details are not open. ...
When I visited Germany and France a couple of years back ...., I did experience the EURO's German street level support. It was not the same elsewhere. It will stand the litmus test of German power.  For a short term alternative is not a bad idea.
We decided on real assets and resources rather than on paper currencies. Gold remains for me the yardstick.

Monster coins.. weighing up to 31 kilos were minted by Austria for example.  At 1000 dollars per ounce or about 36 grams that is not good for trade but pretty good for security.

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