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Monday, March 17, 2008

Re: highlighted point

We will outsmart the Jesuits--Moshiach will come--when the whole world is in distress, and everyone is looking for a redeemer.

So what do you suggest, Carl: NOT to buy gold? What would YOU do?


Carl wrote:

". . .the US doesn't have a sovereign wealth fund of its own. Fifty years ago the wealthiest nation in the world, today the US is the world's largest debtor—its wealth now composed primarily of liquid pools of debt fed by a printing press."

The goal of the Jesuits - destroy the US as a world sovereign power and unite it with Canada and Mexico, forming the North American Union, as a step toward NWO.

This is a trap to get everyone to buy gold, which will later be confiscated.  The buying of gold will insure the destruction of the dollar - exactly what the Jesuits want. 

All this has been long thought out, and very meticulously.  They have everything under control.  They know how the people will react, and haven taken measures to deal with that (anarchy) when it comes.  There is no stone that has been left unturned.  If one thinks he can out-think the Jesuits, the Jesuit General, the Vatican and their worldwide cooperative conspiratorial network, he had better think again.

You can most assuredly believe that there was a political plan behind Spitzer's fall.


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