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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re;: highlighted point

Carl said:

Like I said, any monetary unit is only superficial or temporary until the chip becomes mandatoryThat is their ultimate goaL [WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GOAL OF THE JESUITS, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW THIS THREAD].  You won't convince anyone to give you goods in exchange for diamonds, rubies, gold, silver, etc. when all transactions will be made through the microchip.  Money, credit cards, gold, etc. will be of no value.  Even if people change their dollars for euros in foreign accounts, it would only do them good for a small lengthening of time.  And sad to say, once a person agrees to receive the chip, you become property of the NWO, i.e. DOOMED.

DS  added:

for those of you who think that this whole chip thing is pure insanity, imagination, paranoia, mental illness, "conspiracy theories", etc, please go back to the various articles and videos, such as this one

on the blog and elsewhere, which discuss this issue. To me, it also looks and sounds like pure insanity. But then again, we are dealing with an insane world, and evil rulers who have insane ideas.

So, decide for yourselves what you think about it, but only after watching the videos, and reading about it.

Carl commented:

That's good reasoning, DS.  Most people react that way because they've been used to believing the media.  The media downplays any revelation of such truth as "conspiracy theory," and those that reveal it as "crazies" or "kooks", or "wackos."  They discredit anyone that tries to expose them, and since they control the media, that is their best tool.

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