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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama sightings (site -ings?)

Rich said:

Thanks for sharing this.
There is some good information regarding Obama in these pages--most of which increases my respect for him as both an American and world leader-- however the presentation is also blatantly against freedom of religion and freedom of speech (unless of course the speech agrees with the writer's viewpoints)and it has racist undertones--all of which are anti-American and anti-freedom stances, so once again, it is a case of someone pointing a finger with three pointing right back at him.
I am an independent and try not to be partisan (I like McCain too, except for his excessive war mongering) but like it or not, and whether he wins or not, Obama and everything about him is representative of the new America which, if not fully arrived yet, is coming very soon. That is why his message of hope and reconciliation resonates with everyone from far left liberals to past Reagan supporters.

Hazel sent this; from Naomi Ragen

Prepare yourself for lots of reading.  Everything you want to know about Obama is here.

For those of you who found the link to the Obama website led to
an unopened page,
please try this:


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