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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a note

from C2:

You'll notice that nothing is said about the Jesuits.  It's all about the bankers and the government.  These people are not allowed to mention anything about the Jesuits.  It's a tactic to shift the blame so as to  have the people look the other way and never suspect Rome as the perpetrators.  Alex Jones on is infamous when it comes to exposing the government on the 911 coverup and the NWO, but when cornered, will never blame the Jesuits.  This is the plan to allow people like this (Aaron Russo and Alex Jones) to shout all they want concerning the government conspiracy and the world elite bankers, but never to mention the Jesuits and Rome as being the guilty ones.
Anytime the people just blame the government and the bankers for the conspiracy, they are helping the cause of the Jesuits and are called Jesuit coadjutors, even though what they report is correct.

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