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Thursday, March 20, 2008

If even the BAR ASSOCIATION is appalled, we can only imagine what's going on there: Turkish prison for UNDERAGED GIRLS. So many LAWSUITS WE HAVE TO START. Aren't there INTERNATIONAL LAWS ABOUT THIS?? AREN'T THE JAILORS WAR CRIMINALS??

Bar Association: Girls Held in Subhuman Conditions

13 Adar Bet 5768, 20 March 08 03:02

( The Prisons Service Committee of the Israel Bar Association published a scathing report Wednesday on the prison conditions of five minor girls, who were arrested at a nationalist protest in Jabel Mukaber this week. The committee members visited the Russian Courtyard detention center and interviewed the five girls, aged 14 to 17, who refused to identify themselves before the authorities.

"The minor girls were given used military blankets that emit a bad smell, and that is an understatement," the report said. Three of the girls shared a cell with a adult woman who smoked. The cell "was full of cigarette smoke and had no ventilation aperture."

The two other girls said they had not been given bed sheets but "stinky, used, military blankets. They did receive towels," the report went on to say, "but these were dirty and unusable." The report determined that the jailors were denying the girls food and water and insisting that they identify themselves first. Medical service for injuries suffered during the Jabel Mukaber incident was also denied on the same pretext.

Making food, water and medical attention conditional on the girl's agreement to identify themselves "is baseless and constitutes an egregious violation of their rights," the Bar Association committee determined. The conditions of their imprisonment are "harsh, inhuman and illegal," the report stated.

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