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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IBA preparing public for the next Amona style pogroms

Jack sent this.

This is a pattern. The Arabs attack us and run amok and the government responds by attacking Jews. Specifically, it responds by attacking the Dossim --- the religious Jews; more specifically, the National Religious Jews. The report does several things: it stigmatizes, even demonizes, the very same yeshivah that was attacked and whose students were massacred, as well as the whole religious Jewish population centered around that institution. It connects the planned "revenge" to the
Temple Mount. Translated into plain English, it means that those "fanatics" are going to foment Arab riots that could result in war. Other reports also link it to the "hilltop youth" whom Olmert described as "lawless hooligans" at the time of the Amona pogrom which he ordered to brutalize them in the course of removing them from an "outpost." That provides the pretext to repeat Amona at all the controversial "outposts." There is no corroboration and no sources quoted. And this is only days after the massacre, while the yeshiva and the community are mourning the dead.


Education Minister Yuli Tamir has already trundled out the old bludgeon of the "atmosphere of hatred" [in the religious community, you understand] that preceded the assassination of Rabin. But she herself is a font of hatred for the religious and the nationalists. She constantly brings up the photo montage of Rabin in a Nazi SS uniform even though it has been proven to have been disseminated by a Shabak agent provocateur named Avishai Raviv. That means that it came from the Prime Minister's office, since that is where the Shabak is. It was created and disseminated to incite hatred and persecution of the religious and the nationalists, the opponents of Oslo. To use it today is clearly for the same purpose and she has no shame before the many people who know that it is also a lie. She is willing to incite the ones who do not know. She has learned from a master of the use of media, whom I need not name here, who taught the world that a lie repeated enough times by enough people becomes a political fact.


Jack Golbert





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Sue Them Or Apologize! (H) -- and in English: "NRP calls for arrest of suspects planning revenge for Jerusalem attack" by Amnon Meranda,7340,L-3518015,00.html

National Religious Party Chairman MK Zevulun Orlev calls Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter to order the immediate arrest of those suspected of allegedly planning a retaliatory act against Arabs, for the attack on Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem. "Some may try to find fault in religion Zionism while it grieves for its sons," said Orlev. "We are facing two choices: Either the suspects are arrested or who ever made this story up must apologize."


EISH-L Editor: There is only one way to stop this process, constantly repeated

          when the hegemony of "Shalom AchShav" is endangered –

                    EXPOSE THE ASSASSINS OF ITZHAK RABIN! e.g.:

Request the GSS-Head to Release Dr. Hiss of his Secrecy commitment (H)




Merkaz HaRav Threatens State-Run TV With Libel Suit

by Ezra HaLevi


( Officials at the Merkaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem said Tuesday that they are considering a libel suit against Channel 1 after an incendiary broadcast of revenge allegations. 

The state-run TV station broadcast a segment by journalist Ayala Hasson on Tuesday accusing Merkaz HaRav rabbis of approving a revenge attack planned by three former students. The vague report, which relied heavily on unnamed sources, was quickly picked up by the Associated Press and published in papers worldwide under the headlines: "Yeshiva graduates plan revenge attack against Arab figure."

According to the Channel 1 report, three men, ages 25-35, met with at least one rabbi from Merkaz HaRav and discussed possible revenge attacks against leading Muslim figures connected with the Temple Mount in response to the murder of eight students.

Yeshiva officials said the report was completely baseless, and pointed out that no arrests have been made based on the allegations.  Yeshiva head Rabbi Yaakov Shapira has mentioned repeatedly in addresses to students not to seek revenge.

Hasson told Voice of Israel radio that she stands by her story, which involves students who finished IDF service in the most elite units. Channel 1 news anchor Yinon Magal told Army Radio that Hasson told him the names of the rabbis mentioned, and that they are "well known throughout the religious Zionist public." Magal did not rule out the possibility that Hasson was being "used" by sources within the security establishment for psychological warfare. "It is not out of the question that the people we are talking about are Shabak (GSS) agents," he admitted. "At the same time, there is a large public that feels that the state has abandoned their security and is speaking about revenge not just for the sake of revenge, but to prevent the next attack."

MK Zevulun Orlev (NRP) has filed a complaint with Public Security Minister Avi Dichter (Kadima) demanding that he arrest the suspects if such a vengeance plot actually exists. "It is not a stretch to say that there are those trying to blacken the face of religious Zionism at the time when it is mourning together with all of Israel its children," Orlev said. "If arrests are not carried out immediately – this will be proof that we are talking about baseless libel with malicious and evil intent. There are only two choices: either the suspects are arrested or whoever leaked the story comes out and apologizes to Merkaz HaRav."


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