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Monday, March 3, 2008

Here, one more proof of Israeli ANTISEMITISM: the police is perfectly capable of arresting the stone throwers when THEY are the victims, but if it is a JEW PRAYING... all of a sudden, they just can't seem to do it: RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION! ANTISEMIT

Rock Attacks in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hevron

26 Adar 5768, 03 March 08 07:59

( A Jewish man suffered a light head wound on Monday when Arabs attacked him with rocks near the Tomb of Shimon the Righteous.  Police did not manage to arrest the attackers, but did arrest three Arab youths who participated in a separate attack on a police vehicle.

Arabs attacked an Israeli bus with stones on Monday night near the village of Kfar Raja, southeast of Ramallah.  No injuries were reported in the attack.  The bus was damaged.

Arabs threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Border Police on Monday night in Hevron.  No injuries were reported.  Officers used crowd dispersal techniques to fight the attackers.


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