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Friday, March 21, 2008

Here is a superb article by E. Winston, that should be distributed widely. Yet, again, even though he is getting CLOSE to the epicenter, he is NOT naming the TRUE CULPRITS behind this outrage: THE CHURCH OF ROME, who wants Jerusalem for herself!



forwarded with comments by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator



Reminiscent of the Nazi orders for Jews to "Get Out!". U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Richard Jones, tells the Jews to get out of Jerusalem. Richard Jones, speaking for both himself as well as President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ordered Israel's Jews to move out of their Ancient, Eternal Capital of Jerusalem in deference to Muslim Arab Palestinians who want to move in.

Ambassador Jones, you have shamed your nation, acting the bigot as the voice of the Bush and Rice regime who are looking for a memorable legacy.

IF Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had any courage, he would demand that the U.S. State Department recall Jones as unethical and unsuitable for his post. To say to a Jewish nation that has been hounded to death by bigots and anti-Semites that they must get out of their Holy City of Jerusalem shames all Americans.

King David declared Jerusalem to be the Holy Capital of the Jewish people and his kingdom in 1003 BCE. The City remained the capital of the Davidic dynasty for 400 years, until the kingdom was conquered by the Babylonians. Following their return from the Babylonian exile in 538 BCE, Jerusalem again served as the capital of the Jewish people in its land for the next five and a half centuries. During the six centuries of Roman and Byzantine rule, Caesarea, not Jerusalem, was the capital for the Christians. During Muslim rule over the city, whether Arab or non-Arab, Jerusalem was never made the political capital of a Muslim entity or even a province within the Muslim empire. They made Ramle their political center.

That the City of King David was the Capital of the Jews for thousands of years before Arabs, Muslims or America became a nation is an irrefutable fact of history, despite deniers. You, Mr. Jones, have clearly demonstrated that you are a bigot of the first order and must be dismissed - unless, of course, you are to be defended by President Bush and Secretary Rice. Appeasing Muslim Arab Palestinians, be they Fatah or Hamas, reflects political doctrine that is cruelly biased.

Over centuries, Jews have been driven out of various Christian European nations and Muslim Arab countries - simply because they were Jews. It's not the first time that our Land and assets have been coveted and confiscated by Gentile governments. Only this time the doctrine comes from an American presidential dynasty with German ancestors living in free America who carries with them that old virus of anti-Semitism, barely hidden behind a U.S. State Department policy dedicated to appeasing Muslim and Arab oil nations.

Driving Jews off their Land and confiscating their assets is not new.

The Church and aristocracy of Spain drove the Jews out of their Land while seizing their assets and cancelling loans the Church and King borrowed from the Jews.

The Germans confiscated everything they could, from buildings, banks, factories, cancelling all debts, cancelling insurance owed to the Jews and finally, extracting the gold from the teeth of their corpses. The Swiss mountain dwarfs acted as Germany's "fence" to dispose of their loot and thus kept the war going for several years, killing more Jews and American soldiers.

The rest of Europe, France, for example, first turned their Jews over to the Gestapo and then fell on the assets of the Jews like vultures. Apartments, houses, art collections - some found later in the offices of François Mitterrand, among others. Apartments of Jews were doled out to business partners or relatives of the French politicians.

When the Arab and/or Muslims of Egypt, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. drove 850,000 Jews out of their countries, the Muslim Arabs looted everything. Bank accounts, land, stores with goods still on the shelves, factories, debts cancelled. The Jews were driven out with only the clothes on their backs and the nations of the world remained silent.

We cannot forget American diplomats like the Dulles Brothers, John Foster and Allen, who assisted in grabbing the gold train carrying the loot the Germans stole from the Jews. Art collections of the Masters, silver table service, gold, jewelry and more. That mostly disappeared although some of the valuables were taken by high ranking American officers to be shipped back to their homes as "booty".

Ah. Yes! I remember it well.

So now, the Bush family with a history that goes back to Prescott Bush, a great supporter of Adolph Hitler who established the Bush family fortune now wishes to dispose of Jerusalem. The Bush regime wants what the Jews own and built to be confiscated and used as payment to hordes of Muslim Terrorists.

Even the Church of Rome, guided by a German Pope, formerly part of the Hitler Youth wants its part of the Jerusalem loot - including political and religious control over Jerusalem.

And so it goes....The Jews build and the nations steal what the Jews build.

Everyone who reads this should vigorously protest to their own Congressmen, the White House, the State Department, the Media, the Israeli Knesset members and world Jewry. Provide this article to all their local papers and TV news outlets.


Please read the following in the context of our comments above:


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US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones suggested during a tour of overcrowded Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem on Monday that many Jews will just have to move out of the capital rather than expand into parts of the city claimed by the Palestinians.
Jones told said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post that Washington is growing increasingly displeased with Jewish housing projects on the eastern side of Jerusalem, which are certain to hinder efforts to conclude a peace deal along the lines of US President George W. Bush's vision for the region.

The American envoy said he is well aware of the lack of Jewish housing in Jerusalem, but in a remark betraying a lack of understanding regarding Jewish historical and spiritual connection to the city Jones concluded that "sometimes people do have to move to a different location. They cannot always stay close to their families."

He insisted that more important than the Jews' restoration to their biblical capital and heartland is Israel's implementation of commitments made as part of the US-driven Road Map peace process, even if unreciprocated by the Palestinians.

Jones ended the interview by all but justifying the Palestinian Authority's ongoing failure to meet its primary obligations to curb anti-Israel violence and incitement by stating that "it is not easy for either side to move ahead when they see the provocative behavior of the other side."

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