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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fwd: Cheney

Carl writes something quite scary.... but then he is a very aware person.... things to ponder

Cheney's visit to the Middle East just may be a preparatory act before some type of "action" against Iran.  An economic crash at this time would tend to direct all eyes toward the Federal Reserve as the culprits for causing such a crash.  This would bring about chaos and anarchy which the government doesn't want at this stage, especially when they would have to go against an angry multitude of armed American vigilantes.  On the other hand, an "event" blaming Iran or the "Muslim enemy" would take the economy to the ground, with the fear of the people being the reason for the fall, and not the Fed.  The results of such an "event" would rally the people behind the US government to go after the "terrorists."
This may explain Cheney's resurrection of the idea of military action against Iran.
Such a scenario would also give reason for Canada, the US, and Mexico to unite, forming the North American Union and bringing in the "amero" to replace the weakening dollar, which continues to lose value, due to the Fed's efforts to "rescue" the economy by pumping billions of false money into the markets.  They are playing on the people's fear, hoping the public will not wise up to their plan of destroying the dollar and worsening the inflation.  However, soon the people will not go along with the game, and that may be the reason for a "plan B."  The panic and fear caused by a catastophic event just may be what is in the planning in order to bring about the NAU, as part of the overall New World Order design.  Such an "event" would give an excuse to bring in Martial Law, disband the US constitution, and may even cancel the November elections, leaving Bush as the remaining national leader, i.e. dictator.  If such an event would take place after McCain gets in, then the ball would be in his court.  He just may be the military leader they have prepared.
As a reminder, the chips in the US drivers licenses are due in May of this year.  The new passports issued come now with the chips implanted.  These are just steps closer to world control.  The problems with the economy are getting us ready for the eventual chip implant system under the skin, which is the END through which all these MEANS are justified.  

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