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Friday, March 21, 2008

Fwd: Brasscheck TV: Why Eliot Spitzer was assassinated politically

Happy Purim. EVERYBODY has to see this - after Purim.

Shabbat Shalom


Most people have the sense that there was something
bizarre and surreal about the sudden coordinated
FBI and US news media attack on New York Governor
Eliot Spitzer.

After all, unproven allegations about how he may have
chosen to spend his own money on his own time hardly
seems a worthy subject of front page news for a week

Meanwhile, the US news media remained characteristically
clueless about why Spitzer was taken out.

It's simple.

He had the goods on Bush adminstation colusion with
predatory lenders and was preparing a case that would
have tied the administration directly to wide spread
fraud and criminality in the lending business.

Full details here...exclusive to Brasscheck TV:

- Brasscheck TV

P.S. No one else was covering this story,
so we did.

You won't find a video about this anywhere
else on the Internet.

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This is important info, don't you agree?

If the combined forces of ABC, CBS, CNN,
NBC, Fox, the New York Times and the Washington
Post can't do basis reporting like this,
it's up to you the reader to spread the

- Brasscheck

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