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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fw: petition עצומה

Prof. Hillel Weiss asked me to forward this petition to all of you. It is in Hebrew, but even if you don't understand it, you can forward it to your Hebrew-speaking friends and acquaintances. It has to do with Tzvia, our 18 year old PRISONER OF ZION girl kept in  jail with criminals and/or in isolation for the NON-CRIME of refusing to recognize the Israeli courts. She has been ORDERED RELEASED by the court, yet the system INSISTS ON KEEPING HER LOCKED UP.

So please, sign and/or forward it. Remember the rule of 10: if you send it to 10 people who in turn send it to 10 people, etc, if I sent it to 30 people, by the 6th round 3 million people will have received it!



ד. ש. היקרה,
אנה הפיצי ברשת.
הלל ויס

בוקר טוב
הנה הנוסח שלך

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