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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fw: Folly of Attacking Iran, YouTube Video; more on "TREASON ON A GRAND SCALE"

Jack said:

In fact, it is not like this. The rhetoric between the US and Iran is fiercely hostile but behind the rhetoric, there is no real conflict. US policy has been pro-Iranian since Reagan took over the White House. Given that the US played a deadly double game in the Gulf War 1980-1990, the US sold Iran enough armament to win. If the US had withheld arms to Iran, it would have folded. In fact, overall policy has consistently worked to the benefit of Iran as Prof. Gil-White explains in in the section on The true relationship between the US and Iran. Negotiations have in fact been going on since 2004, at the latest, when Bush effectively gave Iran control of Iraq in exchange for some months of quiet before the general election in Novermber. The State Department and the CIA have no intention of going to war with Iran.



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