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Monday, March 3, 2008

Excellent article by E. Winston, that ties in perfectly with what I have just told you about the IDF pulling out of Gaza: Rice is calling the shots for ONE MORE WAR FAILURE!! "MORE TO THE LEBANON WAR 2006 THAN HAS BEEN TOLD""



by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

If you recall, I published an article entitled: "WHO WINS WITH THE WINOGRAD REPORT?" on January 29, 2008, the day before the final unclassified Winograd Report was released to the public. (1)

I forecast that it would be a "massaged" Report, with collusion between Olmert and Judge Winograd to "spin" the Report. I further speculated that Bush, Rice and Baker would be involved in this Report although, I didn't know then - how and to what degree.

The next day (January 30th) the final unclassified Winograd Report was released - at least the public version. I understand that a 600 page version in Hebrew is now available on the Internet but, difficult to download.

We received the International Jerusalem Post of February 15-21 with the interview with Winograd Committee member Professor Yehezkel Dror, spokesman for and founder of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute in Jerusalem. David Horowitz, Jerusalem Post Editor and Dan Izenberg conducted a very revealing, excellent interview.

In brief, he admitted that the Report was deliberately modified to accommodate PM Ehud Olmert's plan for the failed "Peace Process". I wrote a follow-on article about the tainted deliberations entitled: "THE WINOGRAD REPORT - YEHEZKEL DROR SPEAKS:" on February 24th. (2)

There were other articles, such as in Hamodia February 2nd, which speaks about the U.S. learning lessons from the Israelis' Lebanon fiasco. Apparently, losing to Terrorists offers certain advantages to the U.S. and, hopefully, to Israel.

Another article appeared in U.S. Defense News entitled: "POSTWAR STUDY GIVES ISRAEL INTEL PASSING GRADE" by Barbara Opall-Rome of February 11th. In brief, Ms. Rome speaks well of Israeli Intel but points out that the Intel sometimes did not reach the field commanders. (Worth reading). (3)

But, how did this terrific failure create all these benefits? As you may recall, my first article spoke of the highly probable input of Bush, Rice and Baker.

Unsubstantiated rumors - or shall we call them leaks - are now swirling around Jerusalem. Those rumors speak of Condoleezza Rice as the Commander-In-Charge of Olmert and the Lebanon War. Those rumors speak of Rice on a permanent hotline to Olmert giving advise - although most would call it giving orders. Olmert, of course, is well known as a puppet of the Bush-Rice Administration.

Do you suppose that Rice ordered "Restraint!" as she did previously when the Israeli Army wanted to go into Gaza to stop the Rockets numerous times?

What if Rice was the actual reason for the stupid orders Olmert, Peretz and Halutz gave to the Army. Advance - Hold Back - Stop Firing - Withdraw - All the marks of amateurs gone wild. Of course, Rice never had any experience in directing or subverting a war. If, in fact, Rice bossed the operation through her puppet Olmert, then through her amateur, non-military background, that would raise a lot more questions. Such as: Why would Rice want to preserve Hezb'Allah so connected to Syria?

But, of course, all of this is merely speculation, based on a rumor, riding on the wind.

Since Israel leaks like a sieve when it comes to secrets, no doubt, all of this will float to the surface - eventually. I hope it is not too late!

Condoleezza Rice has demonstrated that she simply has little competence in solving Global problems. Her public speeches do not match her behind closed doors, shrieking this has been especially true when she compensates for her global failures by attacking small countries, like Israel, she can bully.

We observe a woman whose skin color is remarkable only in that she carries with her skin color, a racial bias from her youth where she saw her girlhood friends blown up by a bomb in a church. This bias she carries into her job as Secretary of State. Because Southern white Americans oppressed black Americans, she decided that she would transfer her anger to the Jews of Israel (assuming they are analogous to the Southern white Americans).

However, Ms. Rice overlooked the black Israelis, the Jewish Israelis from Ethiopia, and the many Jews from 70 other nations of the world - Jews of many nations and colors - all accepted into Israel as Jews. She overlooked the vile, ever-present, murderous anti-Semitism, that is, Jew Hatred, especially by the Muslims. It has been equated to the vile, murderous acts of enslaving black people. But, Condi Rice equates the Palestinian Muslim Arabs to the blacks of America as the "disadvantaged and those prejudiced against in her youth.

Ms. Rice has not accomplished much, if anything, as Secretary of State. As an intimate friend of President George W. Bush, whose loyalty is legend to his appointees (despite their possible incompetence).

Surely, it is now up to investigative reporters to dig out the influence Ms. Rice held over PM Ehud Olmert before and during the Lebanon War of 2006. If it was as conclusive when she encouraged Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert to give up Gush Katif/Gaza as "her" gesture to Mahmoud Abbas (who inherited Fatah and the PLO when Yassir Arafat died). Abbas was Arafat's 40 year companion, financier, co-conspirator, assistant to Arafat, the godfather of modern Terrorism.

Abbas took pride in the fact that he was the first Terrorist in the struggle against Israel. "I had the honor of firing, in 1965, the first bullet of the 'resistance', he boasted to a Jordanian newspaper A-Doustour. He added that "it was his Fatah organization that taught Hezb'Allah and other Terrorist organizations in the world how to run Terrorist campaign. Abbas, whose nom de guerre is Abu Mazen, said "he was happy about rejecting the notion of Israel as a "Jewish State". (4)

The "gesture" to fail to beat a small, vicious para-military force of Hezb'Allah Terrorists by the usually excellent IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is as much her doing as it was that of a weak Olmert and his weak Cabinet.

Micro-managing a war by amateurs reminds us of Jimmy Carter's mis-managing the failed rescue attempt of American hostages taken by the Iran "revolutionaries". Regrettably, President Bush allowed Rice to fumble and bumble using Israel as her personal playpen in a deadly war. Having failed, she is now going back to Israel next Monday to whip that hapless Olmert into more concessions of Israel's sovereignty and Land.

Time to investigate and get others besides Prof. Yehezkel Dror of the Winograd Committee to testify under court orders.




3. "POSTWAR STUDY GIVES ISRAEL INTEL PASSING GRADE" by Barbara Opall-Rome U.S. Defense News February 11, 2008

4. "Abbas Says Terrorist Path is impractical - 'Now' " by Hillel Fendel ( March 2, 2008

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