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Monday, March 3, 2008



by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Col. Oliver North, who for years submerged himself in the world of covert activities, wrote a seemingly adventure novel entitled: "The Assassins".(1) I will skip the storyline except for what it is, in the underlying message that North offers the readers, among others.

The key concept is that there are people, regimes, dictators in the world who deserve assassination. In the North illustration a group of respected Judges are gathered to discuss the matter of who are truly bad people who need removal for the good of their nations. Once decided upon, there is an assemblage of highly competent, professional assassins who are tasked with hunting down and assassinating those who are judged guilty of crimes against humanity.

As one reads this, you begin to think of such tyrants as Hitler, Stalin, Ahmadinejad, Pinochet, Castro, Nasrallah, Ho Chi Min, Kim Jong Il, Mugabe, and more - all of whom deserved summary execution for crimes against humanity and murders of their own people.

One can think back to the cruel Herod who ruled Judea and Jerusalem; of Yassir Arafat who created today's Terrorism for 40 years and hundreds of such evil people and their regimes who also deserved summary execution for putting their own populations in jeopardy.

It was not a matter of assassinating the vaguely suspect but, rather those who had clearly demonstrated they were considerably evil and a danger to their people. These people, like the Dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Idi Amin the tyrant from Uganda in his time. Such people invariably build a police state, using their courts, police and army to intimidate and terrorize their people into obedience.

Some tyrants hide behind so-called democratic elections, like Hamas, with a veritable graveyard of their victims. That ranges from a Saddam Hussein to those who claim democracy but, in fact, are democratic dictators. Sometimes it is the fault of the people themselves who allow corrupt politicians to slowly creep in and take over the government, using the cover of democracy and then, when they achieve power, they become dictators.

Oliver North sent a message in his novel that true justice would judge and assassinate bad people and those who assist them.

For example, Hitler had around him sociopaths who enjoyed their role as homicidal killers. Even the German Courts and Judges who finessed the deaths of millions warranted summary executions. The same for those politicians and businessmen who benefitted from the mass murders they committed and a confiscation of assets from the victims.

The idea promulgated by North is, "not to wait too long". Kill them while their list of victims is still small but large enough to confirm them as worthy of assassination.

Of course, it's easier when the culprit is an individual with a small support group that is easily identifiable. It becomes more difficult when most of the population cheers a killer government and assists in the commission of murder or genocide.

We saw that during WW2 when the populations of Germany, France, Ukraine, Poland, etc. cheerfully did what they could to assist in the Genocide of the Jews, which was implemented by their police, armies, secret services, courts and the church officials. Regrettably, the atom bombs were only dropped on Japan while other populations equally deserved that retribution.

Today we observe Islamo-fascism attacking all over the globe in the name of Allah, Mohammed and Koranic law. When there is an especially hideous suicide bombing, for example, like 9/11, 39 SCUDs hitting Israel in 1991 with no retribution, etc. - Muslims cheer, dance in the streets, pass out candy. As a population, they are enthusiastic co-conspirators in murder and deserve no pity for teaching their youngest children to be murderers with the reward of martyrs. When one looks back at the Inquisition and their killer priests, surely they deserved assassination. Nor were the Crusaders who marched across Europe and then to the Middle East butchering, looting, raping at the behest of killer Popes beyond the reach of justifiable assassinations.

Cloaking themselves in religion and robes or biased laws, does not change murderers from what they are, into noble creatures. They, too, deserved assassination. Regrettably, their victims were so terrorized, the idea of assassinating their persecutors rarely entered their minds, so thousands, millions died - hoping time would change things for the better. For victims, time had passed. They waited too long to kill their killers.

Oliver North had a clear idea of what's to be done with evil people who take others' lives. Summary execution without years in court where killers live on because they rely on laws meant for the average person, not the exceptional killer or killer regime.

I suspect that dictators and their confederates would be less likely to commit heinous crimes against their own people or others, knowing there exists a global silent Judiciary who can exact swift Justice. Col. North was immersed in such a world and knows of what he speaks!

It's something to think about. Pre-emptive Community and Self-Defense!


1. "The Assassins" by Oliver North & Joe Musser Avon Books of HarperCollinsPublishers NYC Oct. 2006

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