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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

INTERVIEW WITH TAMAR YONAH OF A7 this morning! Please listen, and pass it around, far and wide; thank you. And the topic is.....: below

The upcoming visit of the Pope to Israel this May, has some people worried. Are there designs to relinquish Jewish sovereignty in Israel's capital, Jerusalem, by the Church? Dr. Daisy Stern of Israel Truth Times has done extensive research and is working with the Sanhedrin to expose what she says is an attempt, with various Israeli leaders' cooperation, to hand over parts of Jerusalem to the Vatican.

It will only be available for download for a week, so if you want to keep this audio interview, make sure to DOWNLOAD it ( arrow facing down on the little buttons).

Hope you like it, and it clarifies the issues for you.



Rumor Control said...

Hello Dr. Stern,

I am one of Tamar's Christian Zionist listeners and I have been telling Tamar, Tovia, and whoever else would listen anywhere and everywhere basically the same things that you have now reported today. Thanks a lot, great job. I wish though that it were only the properties and the restoration of the Empire that Rome was after but I am sure that they are also after your very lives. Rome has been sending the Arab/Muslims after you for theft and murder all of these decades. The fact is quite so that if the "West" wanted peace in the Middle East, there would be peace. Anyone who thinks about the abilities of the Arabs/Muslims will come to the conclusion that these people can't even build their own sewers because of societal corruption. The Arabs/Muslims cannot field a real army so they hide behind women and children like the cowards that they are and strike out in murder. Any society that produces suicide attackers is totally insane. And by association, any world power that does not upbraid humanity about this wickedness is also totally insane. The world is therefore a total nuthouse. Fight for your land and your people thereby standing up for the Name of the L_RD. You have my prayers and more.

RogerThat said...

www.HEISNEAR.COM spotlights the PAPACY's readiness to fulfill its End Time role with the signing of the Mideast Peace Agreement with Israel. [Daniel 9:27].

Headline News/photos; soberingly clear.