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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Min Hashamaim , we are getting help from an unlikely source. Never mind the screwed up reasons for the idea, but I think it is excellent, so I joined my voice to it: Maybe you want to do that too, in the comments section. HELP GET RID OF THE POPE!!!

Impeach the Pope

By Robert S. McElvaine
Professor of Arts & Letters, Millsaps College


DS' s comment to the article at the Washington Post:

YES!!! Impeach this pope.
* I am all for it. Great idea, keep up the good work.Pass it around, to as many people as possible, and as soon as possible, before he infects the whole world with his poisonous mind. This is an evil pope, he used to be the Grand Inquisitor before he became pope, and he has the mind of an inquisitor. HE NEEDS TO GO!

And now, immediately, before it is too late: I would say at the latest by April he should be gone.

[* I was going to add: "and all the other ones after him as well", but I figured we would have less of a chance of success that way. So I had to restrain my pen.]

So please, do add your own voice to the long list. Just a matter of raising awareness. For your information, this made the front page of GOOGLE NEWS today!,GGGL:2006-33,GGGL:en

Video: Outcry at Pope's denunciation of condom use France 24

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