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Friday, March 27, 2009

PENETRATING observation and analysis, which I had totally missed, that hit the nail on the head.That is why we always run into a brick wall with the gov., and ONE MORE REASON TO URGENTLY OPPOSE ANY AND ALL DEALS WITH THE CHURCH RELATING TO JERUSALEM!


Think about the following...
Until the "UN" allowed... the birth of Israel, at not time there was in the past a Jewish Government that allocated the Land  of Israel to anyone. 
After the Romans usurped our Land, the Vatican and others allocated onto themselves what the Romans usurped but...
According to International Law they could not claim ownership.
Consequently THEY allowed... the creation of the so called state so they could finally bribe the unJews to sign away to them what they stole.
That is the only reason they supported the "creation" of the State.
To install by bribery and blackmail and murder a so called "sovereign" government in Eretz Israel from which officially they could "receive" our land... 

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