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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SHAS is slime, was slime, will be slime. As I was reviewing the history of the 1992 elections, I saw that then also, YERUSHALAYIM WAS SOLD OUT BECAUSE OF THEM ( and the Arabs). WILL THEY DO IT AGAIN? Machiavellian Jews!

Netanyahu, Yishai Congratulate Barak

Adar 28, 5769, 24 March 09 10:06

( Prime Minister designate Binyamin Netanyahu and Shas leader Eli Yishai both calleded Labor leader Ehud Barak Tuesday evening to congratulate him on the Labor party vote to join the coalition. The Labor party central committee voted 608 to 507 to join the government.

After the vote, Labor MKs who had strongly opposed the move said they would continue to support the party and respect the decision. Meretz MKs called on the opposed MKs to leave the party, while Kadima MKs called the decision the end of the Labor party.

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