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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WOW, now THIS is TRUTH! Thank you for telling it like it is: EVERY AMERICAN should see this. The REVEALING video clip that was not allowed in the USA

From A.M. Thank you, DS



Many commentators complain bitterly that we had "no warning" about the current economic disaster.


They have short memories, or are trying to protect the favorite political machines.


Meanwhile, their networks did everything in their power to keep this video clip from appearing on

American screens.  Well they succeeded – but not before the CANADIANS got their hands on it.


So before they can have it removed again, you can still watch it.  See who the real culprits

are in this financial melt-down.  Then check how much money they received in contributions…


But don't worry.  There are plenty of taxpayers who will pick up the tab for generations to come.


So just watch – and remember next time you go to vote.   --  Allan



The video clip that was not allowed in the   USA  - Pass this on  ....

This news video shows that Mr. Bush tried to warn Congress starting in 2001, that this economic crisis was coming if something was not done, but Congress refused to listen, along with Barney Franks.  This video says it all

The AMERICAN media did not want this video on YouTube, so they had Time Warner threaten a law suit (proprietary rights) if it was not taken off. YouTube did remove it but not before the link was captured by our Canadian friends over which the American media has no control.... tough tacos, NBC, ABC, CBS, et al....

This link is the exact video but is routed through Canada .  Everyone in America  needs to see this!  Wonder how Barney Franks feels about seeing his lying mug splashed all over America via this video clip??

Allan, Chapter Director

ACT! For America.
New York & Long Island Chapter

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