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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What good did you really expect from this crusader, Grand Inquisitor pope, honestly? Let go of your illusions and dreams, and see this man for what he is. Also, participate in an important discussion about the Vatican's designs; and see a great video

1.Zerach just sent this:

 Did u ever think differently?

Pope to skip Holocaust museum on trip to Israel, envoy says

Story Highlights
In May, Benedict XVI will make his first trip to Middle East as pope
In Jerusalem, he'll visit Yad Vashem's memorial section, will skip museum
Critics say that in WW II, Pope Pius XII did too little to prevent mass murder of Jews
Vatican defends him, is opening archives to show that he acted behind the scenes

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI will not visit Israel's Holocaust museum when he makes his first trip to the region as pope in May, though he will visit an adjacent memorial, his ambassador to Israel said Tuesday.

The museum includes controversial wording that reflects a long-running dispute over the role of Pope Pius XII during World War II.

The pope will visit the memorial section of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, but will not step inside the museum part, the envoy, papal nuncio Antonio Franco, said at a news conference in Jerusalem.

Critics have accused Pope Pius of doing too little to prevent the mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler. A caption in the museum says he maintained a neutral position during the years of mass extermination of Europe's Jews.

The Vatican defends him and is gradually opening its archives in an effort to show that he acted behind the scenes.

The announcement that Benedict will visit only part of Yad Vashem also follows international outrage over his rehabilitation of a rebel bishop who denied the Nazis systematically murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

The Vatican ordered the bishop, Richard Williamson, to recant, and said the pope was not aware of Williamson's views on the Holocaust when he lifted the excommunication of the bishop.

Benedict, who was born in Germany and forced to join the Hitler Youth as a teenager, has spoken out forcefully against the Holocaust on a number of occasions, including on a visit to the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

DS replied

Of course. He is NOT coming her as a friend, but as a CONQUEROR. Don't forget he is a CRUSADER POPE, who rehabilitated CRUSADER PIUS X members including Bishop Williamson. His whole friendship show is PHONEY, I have told you so. DO NOT FALL for his CON!


2.Rabbi Dov asks:

Dear DS

You wrote that the group of bandits are going to give Jerusalem. Are you not exaggerating?!

My impression is that they are negotiating about a room in Har Tsion. From some aspects we have to respect contracts made with the Vatican if they bought buildings. If we do not respect such contracts the Non Jews will say that they are not respect the Jewish ownership of all the synagogues and other Jewish properties all over the world.

Are you sure that these talks are out of this range?


DS replied:

Rabbi (Dov),

From the information I have, we are talking about the holy places in Jerusalem. Please read everything I sent you VERY CAREFULLY, THERE IS A WHOLE LOT OF INFORMATION THERE. DID YOU READ EVERYTHING?????? Are you aware of ALL the facts? I know I sent a lot of stuff, but the reason is, so you would understand what we are talking about.

I am also waiting for the link to an audiotape that Barry Chamish had made about Har Tzion, that I had heard last year, but forgot where it is. In it, he explains in great detail WHY the church wants Har Tzion so bad. It's not just that room, it is beginning with that room. It has to do with their rulership of the Holy Land.

I HAD FORGOTTEN TO MAIL THIS VERY IMPORTANT POST, that I had drafted. Thank you for pointing out my failure to me. So here it is , Please read it carefully. You can see how Peres had written a SECRET LETTER to the Pope, used some friend to be the carrier, the friend read the letter, and as a result the truth about it was leaked. Again in March 2006, a SECRET letter went out to the pope, this time from Olmert, CARRIED PERSONALLY BY PERES. I guess after the leak of the previous one, he and Olmert didn't want to take any chances by giving it to some other carrier that would read the contents of the promises made by Olmert, because the leak caused Peres a whole lot of trouble with the rabbis, who immediately decided to forgive him the unforgiveable.See below.

So here is the content of that post:

Barry sent me this report he had written earlier; apparently the story first came from him.Give the man his due! I will make a few comments,  to help you understand the issues clearly. DS


                                           by Barry Chamish

    In March 1994, the newspaper Chadashot revealed a most remarkable secret of the Middle East "peace" process. A friend of Shimon Peres, the French intellectual Marek Halter, claimed in an interview that in May 1993, he delivered a letter from Peres to the pope. Within, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Vatican hegemony of the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy.

   Halter's claim was backed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa which added that Arafat was apprised of the agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration Of Principles signed in Washington in September 1993.

  In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican. This cable was printed on the front page of the radical leftwing Israeli newspaper, Haaretz two days later. A scandal erupted and numerous rabbis who had invited Peres for Passover services cancelled their invitations in protest of his treachery. Peres reacted by claiming that the cable was real but that someone had whited out the word, "not;" the cable really said that Israel would "not" hand Jerusalem over to the holy pontiff.

[NB:about as credible as the claim by Olmert that there is no deal to transfer the Cenacle to the Vatican,DS]

   Illustrating the sorry political state of Israel's rabbis, they accepted this cockamamie excuse and re-invited Peres to their tables. However, in the widely distributed minutes of a meeting with Clinton in 1997, Peres reiterated his diplomacy, ending with the words, "as I had previously promised the Holy See."


   Peres's partner in crime, and the real founder of the Oslo Accord, Yossi Beilin, coordinated his PLO policy with the Vatican. Check the timing; at the same moment that he was finagling an accord with the PLO, he was negotiating an agreement for Vatican recognition of Israel. His deal with the pope became another brief scandal when politicians like Agudat Yisrael head Avraham Shapira and Jerusalem Deputy Mayor, Shmuel Meir were leaked hidden details of Beilin's accord which included, "the extra-territoriality of holy sites in Jerusalem to be transferred to Vatican control." Later, Shapira was neutralized by having $250 million is debts accrued by his crooked carpet factory forgiven, while Meir was permanently hushed when his car was crushed by a UN truck driven by a PLO driver. The driver, of course, was released forever after being briefly questioned by Israel Police.


3. And to top it all, here is a GREAT PURIM COMEDY VIDEO THAT TAMAR YONAH MADE HERSELF. She sent it to me last night, and I am cracking up, it is so funny - and true. Please enjoy, and pass it on. Thank you.

Enjoy Shushan Purim. And how was/is your Purim today?




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