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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This sounds terrible to me: I interpret it as a VERY SERIOUS ESCALATION of violence, on the part of t NEW-OLD Defense Minister Barak: READY TO KILL JEWS BY PROXY. Disprove me if you can,

PA Police In Action – Without IDF

Nisan 4, 5769, 29 March 09 12:27

( Residents of Shilo, in the Binyamin district, reported Saturday night that they had seen Palestinian Authority armed forces patrolling the area alone the day before. Under agreements between Israel and the PA, PA police are permitted to patrol in areas near Jewish communities only after coordinating with the IDF's Civil Administration. In such situations, PA armed forces are usually accompanied by IDF officers.

Witnesses reported the incident to IDF officials, who told them the Friday patrol had been coordinated with the IDF. However, residents of Binyamin were suspicious of the claim that the patrol was approved by Israel, pointing out the recent murders committed by PA officers.

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